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Greetings to all.
How's everything going on. Hope you're all doing well. I'm glad to share my experience with the diary game.


A diary is a very personal thing by nature. It is a place to record our closest thoughts and concerns about the world around us. In other words, it is a reflection of our state of mind.


I have been active on this platform for the last one year and I must say that I want to spend my time on this social platform in comparison to the vulgarity of other social media. Well, I remember I started my diary games in the Steemit Nursery community. To be honest, I am a lazy person but since I started writing diaries, it has taken my interest in it and I started posting diaries on a daily basis.


You can share whatever your thoughts may be, there is no limit to what you can do to express yourself. I started to feel different and there were things going on in my mind that I couldn't share with anyone. I started to be a private person and decided that I just had to have something. At that moment, writing in the diary began to help me. I had someone who listened to me, made me laugh with fond memories and most importantly never decided who I was.


  • It obviously strengthens your reading and writing skills. As I said before, you are free to express your thoughts. You can write beyond your daily activities. Sometimes you can write about certain topics. As you read other publications, you can explore their culture. So we can learn a lot from them. You can make many friends who visits your publications. They can learn from us and we can learn from them.

  • There are no such negative things in diary writing. But yes, you can't write the same thing every day, so you have to include a lot of headlines in your posts so that no one gets bored with them. As I said earlirler diary is a personal thing so you can't share everything here. Everyone's privacy needs to be protected, so uploading your personal photos is not a good idea at all because we've seen that there are people who can misuse them. It's best to keep your personal life private.

Lastly I would say it was a good experience because sometimes you feel open but then you don't want anyone to know about it so you write. It helps us strengthen the bonds of friendship and share our experiences.


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Hello, you do have an interesting post here. If I may advice, find the strength to post daily. Thank God for the dairy game, you are already doing that.

The dairy game is really a life server. And I wish you luck in the competition. You can engage with me through My link

Thanks for sharing the good moments. Also, you are right, share with other people and meet extraordinary people through these daily stories.
I congratulate you on being such a versatile user on Steemit with unique flexibility. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

I like your way of explaining what dairy means to you, and I totally agree that it makes our days more colorful, as well as improves our writing and memory. I like the list of benefits you have made about the dairy game, everything is absolutely true.

Diary games have really changed our lives, especially our writing skills, the way you organize your work and the choice of words that describe your experience with diary games. It is true that diary games help us to improve our writing and other things. Even in language when you have consistency in writing but at the same time it exposes you to the world.

Hi @princa

Your experience in the diary game is good.
It is always good to try to write at least 300 words, so we can better express our thoughts, and also have more opportunities to make a post that can be curated.

Thank you for participating in this contest, I wish you much success.

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The dairy game has always been the simplest things to write on steemit. You are right that users should not be limited in creating their diary, because you are conditioning it without allowing it to show all your creativity.

Bienvenido a Steem Venezuela.

¡Así es! Muchos aprendizajes al participar en el proyecto del diario, compartimos nuestras vivencias y podemos visualizar el de todos.

Gracias por compartir tu hermosa experiencia con nosotros en Steem Venezuela.