Encouraging creativity: Let's make origami! by @poorvik|| #club100

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Hi friends,
Hope you are all busy with engagement contests, I am too attracted to this origami contestSteemit Engagement Challenge: Fomentando la creatividad: ¡Hagamos origami! /Encouraging creativity: Let's make origami! organized by #Steem Venezuela

I am very much interested in any kind of art as ima a graphic designer, I've tried various origami artworks in my school days, here I'm going to show you one of that art that I made a BAT with origami art.

Required material:

Scissors, A4 Size Black cored sheet

Step 1:

Take the Size Black cored sheet, and cut it into an 8" x8" square shape.

Step 2:

Fold it diagonally and also straight to make grease, then fold the corner a triangular shape to the center, and fold them again to half.

Step 3:

Fold the triangular parts back towards the middle as shown in the picture

Step 4:

After folding, lift up and gently pull out the paper in between, Then fold the paper out again, parallel to the folded triangle as shown in the picture

Step 5:

After that, fold the folded triangular parts upwards again like a bat's ear, Then wrap the elongated parts on both sides several times as a zig-zag while will look like a batwing.

Step 6:

Now the bat origami is ready, it took almost 2 hours for me, actually, I forgot the steps but after several tries, I have succeeded.

Origami is a wonderful art, very useful to kids to develop their creativity and memory, and also makes us be peaceful and patient, and confident to do successful things. I would like to say thank for bringing such great contest which recall my childhood days. I would like to invite my friends @deepak94, @nishadi89, @janemorane @alena-vladi & @jyoti-thelight to take part in this wonderful contest.

♣ ♣ All is Well ♣ ♣


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Está genial, realmente un gran trabajo, me recordó mucho a Batman 😁

Thank you I am glad that you like mt batman

Your origami design is really nice and it seems it is hard to make it too. I appreciate that you think of this much creative things and wish you the best of luck.

Thank you, I also appreciate that you deeply watched my creativity and hard work through this artwork , thank you verymuch for your kind words

Waoo brother you make a beautiful 😍 Batman.. . You are so creative bro and thanks for inviting me 😉 but i already upload my post you can check my post too.

Oh yes I just seen your craft and it was nice too

Me encantó su participación, con un paso a paso bien detallado y un resultado increíble.

Mucha suerte y éxitos en el desafío 🤗

thank you so much for the great complements

Hi @poorvik

Your BAT origami turned out great, and you explained the procedure step by step. Good job, I congratulate you.

Thank you for participating in this contest, I wish you much success.

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Thank you, mam, thanks for bringing a unique and useful contest

Greetings friend @poorvik

I loved your origami, you looked great with the paper batman. Congratulations for this excellent work.

Thanks for your participation.

Thank you for the appreciation I am motivated by your comments

Excelente participación. Sin duda es una manualidad muy creativa. .me encantó el paso a paso. Y el color es ideal para la oración

Thank you very much for the visiting and for passing on great feedback

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Thank you for the support

Excelente origami amigo general se ve ese murcielago una muy buena creatividad y perfecto para aprender hacer otras figuras con papel.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

Thank you for the motivated comments and support

Saludos @poorvik, tu "murciélago" está sorprendente, usaste el papel perfecto y te quedó muy realista. Te felicito por tu participación.

Thank you, you have a great heart to appreciate our skills

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Team #Sevengers

Thank you @tucsond for the great support, I'm really encouraged

You're Welcome 👍😊

Este origami de murciélago te quedó genial además el paso a paso quedó muy bien explicado.
Te deseo mucha suerte en el concurso!

Thank you for the complements

Este origami de murciélago te quedó genial además el paso a paso quedó muy bien explicado.
Te deseo mucha suerte en el concurso!

Waooo!!! quedé fascinada con tu publicación, gracias por compartir el paso a paso.

Saludos y Éxitos en el concurso!!!

Thankyou for wondering and passing nice comments