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Hello Steemians!
I welcome you all to the 4th week of the steemit engagement contest. The first three week were awesome and great. I am Kehinde Micheal and my username is @msquaretwins here on this great platform. The engagement contest has undoubtedly increased the participation in the communities, especially the participating community. Thanks to the steemitblog and the Admins and moderators of this communities. In this post I will be creating my original content. Happy reading!


Creating Canoe with Paper


The origami I will be making is paper canoe. I will explain step by step procedure that O took to make the paper canoe below.

Step 1:

Get a paper like cardboard or any paper that is a bit strong. For my case, I used a brown envelope as uploaded below. The size of the paper can be in form of A4. Then place it on a table or flat surface as seen below.


Step 2:

Fold the paper into two equal part as seen in the picture uploaded below.


Step 3:

Then fold the first half of the paper in step 2 into two equal parts.


Step 4:

Fold the second half of the paper in step 2 into two equal parts as seen in the picture uploaded below.


Step 5:

Spread it back into just one sheet and see the shape. As seen in the picture uploaded below, we can see that we have divided the paper into four equal part.


Step 6:

Fold the edge of the paper. As seen in the picture below, the first edge of the paper is folded.


Step 7:

Fold the remaining edges of the paper as demonstrated in a screenshot uploaded below.


Step 8:

Fold the side of the edge 1 and 2 as seen in the picture uploaded below.


Step 9:

Fold the second side. That is side with edges 3 and 4.


Step 10:

Then check the way I held the paper from the downward up. Pull the paper from the downward up and fold it.


Step 11:

Then fold the two edges as seen in the picture uploaded below to form another shape. Do this for both sides properly.


Step 12:

If you did step 11 very well, this is how it will look like. You must do this for the two sides. After you have done it for one side, turn the other side and also fold it back to that side.


Step 13:

Then spread it back to just a sheet to see the traces of all the bending we have done so far. As we can see from the screenshot uploaded below, we have been seeing some nice straces.


Step 14:

Fold it back as seen in the picture uploaded below.


Step 15:

Hold the edge as I held it in this picture and fold itto join the two side together. Do this for the second side edge as well.


Step 16:

Then fold the two edges to become part of the two sides as seen in the image uploaded below.


Step 17:

After the step 16 above, put the edges beside the opening at each side of the canoe. Then the design will turn to the picture uploaded below.


Step 18:

The next thing is to create a stable base for the canoe. To do this, fold the canoe a bit at the bottom at a side. The turn the canoe to the other side and fold it back to the other side.


Step 19:

The step 18 will give you a good and nice base as uploaded below. Then adjust it.


Step 20:

Then we have the canoe as displayed below.



The picture uploaded below is my selfie with the canoe I designed.


The pictures uploaded below is the picture of the canoe I just designed on water.


The canoe is now on its way from Nigeria to Venezuela. I pray for a good trip for this canoe.



My Experience/Conclusion


In this post, I have used my creativity to design a paper canoe using a brown envelope. I enjoyed doing the design of this canoe. It was really nice creating something like this after a very long time. This made me think of all the paper design and art I did when I was very young. I enjoyed every part of the design.

Thank you for reading my article.

I invite @beautybb, @wentv @steemdoctor1, @patience90, @ijelady, @ngoenyin @jueco, @minikay, @nane15 and @fredquantum to take part in this contest.

Written and designed by @msquaretwins

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Hahahahah this canoe is really awesome, you are so creative, I remember those days I build everything with a paper, my entry is loading soon

Hahaa...😀 Gone are those days .... Yea. We did build so many things with paper when we were young.... Thank you for engaging. I can't wait to read your entry.

This is really creative @msquaretwins, as you have prayed the canoe will have safe landing in venezuela

Amen ooo.. The canoe is having a difficult sail right now, but thank God, God is answering your prayer..😁😁... Thank you for engaging.

Wow! This is a beautiful boat. Can I sail in it please? This is creative indeed and thanks for the invitation.

😁😁😁 Of course! Besides, my boat is always available. You can hire it... Thank you for engaging.

Hi @msquaretwins

You made a canoe that can sail on the river or the sea, very well. The steps and the procedure are well explained, I congratulate you.

Thank you for participating in this contest, I wish you much success.

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😁😁😁. Thank you ma'am. And many thanks for engaging.

What a great idea to make the boat from a brown envelope!
Not only have you recycled but the boat is now so much stronger. A well explained post. You did well!
It brought back memories of us as kids playing with our folded boats in the bath. (•ิ‿•ิ)

Very correct! Old old memories..

Zazoo 😂, you just reminded me of our childhood days, especially when it's raining.

We'll all make paper boats and sail them, good old days 🌝.
Thanks for sharing @msquaretwins

Wow! I am happy you too had this kind of experience while you are growing up... Growing up with amazing things and experiences is really a great memory

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Thank you for the support.

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Thank you. I appreciate your review

Hello @msquaretwins, I really liked this boat that you have made with origami, it reminded me that in my country Venezuela there is an indigenous community that makes wooden boats like this one and they call them "curiaras", very similar to small canoes to navigate rivers.

Thank you for participating, you are welcome.

Thank you for engaging. Wow!
I love the name "curiaras".