Steemit engagement challenge: Encouraging creativity: Let's make origami!|| Origami dress by madilyn02

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Origami! The art of folding and creating with paper. This type of art was originated in China but was popularized in Japan. There Ori means paper while Gami means folding and that is how the word Origami was formed.

Though it's not a popular art in my country, I'm still happy hat this contest was organised by the SteemVenezuela community and this is going to help us to improve our creativity. It's also a bit of a challenge not to make use of glue or scissors as the contest demands when making origami but it's good for us to try.

I'm glad that I gave it a try and I'll be showing you what I could make out of the contest...


Origami dress

Thinking that of what to make that would not involve the use of glue and scissors, I though of a dress. The one I could make involved the use of those things and so I thought of a way to make it without them.

Below is the dress I made...


Here I'll share the step it took in making it:

First step: Take a paper of equal length and breath and fold into two making both ends meet each otherIMG_20220521_120303_668.jpg

Next I folded the paper again to take the shape of a square. After folding it into a square, I opened it again and the folded both sides to touch the middle part so that it assumes the shape of a triangle:


After that, I folded both sides again to form the shape of a kite, and then I folded both sides sideways and bent them.


And after that I got the upper part of the dress.


Next I'll show you how I got the lower part:

So I got out my paper, and folded it into half to form a square shape.


Next I folded the open edge, to make it closed or sealed since I won't be using a glue..


Next flattened it taking the folded edge to the back.


Next I started to fold the edges of both sides back and forth till all was folded. And then I opened it...


After doing that I fixed the upper part to it to form the dress.


So the dress was ready, I decorated it more with pen colors.


After designing, I made the face of the person wearing the dress and then I was done...


I will also leave my selfie with the dress for you o see below:



I thank you all for your time, I hope you liked my dress. I'm glad that I was able to make something for this contest and I invite you to also make yours.

I invite...:

To participate as I leave the link below:

Steemit Engagement Challenge: Fomentando la creatividad: ¡Hagamos origami! /Encouraging creativity: Let's make origami!


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Un excelente vestido largo y elegante, y espectacularmente realizado con la técnica de origami lo que quiere decir que no usaste tijeras, eres fantastica amiga y te felicito por tu creación .

Thank you dear sister Mile... I loved folding the dress and making the designs. Greetings!

What a beautiful dress you have made simply by folding paper. I think this is also your talent. How about developing that?

Thank you so much aunty for your compliment, I'm already developing it and I hope to succeed

Greetings friend @madilyn02

Very nice work, showing your skills with paper but also with garment design. Congratulations on this nice paper dress.

Thank you for your participation.

Hello thank you so much, friend. I'm glad to have participated

@madilyn02, I loved your paper figure, I would call it a doll since it has a face and it looks very beautiful on you.

You made it with a lot of love, you would make any girl very happy if you give it to her.

Thank you for participating in the let's make Origami contest.

I send you a big hug from Caracas Venezuela.

Hello friend, thank you or your nice words. Yes it's better to be called a doll, hehe. Greetings and success to you always!

Wow! Through the whole week of competition I have not once seen a folded dress! 👗
You have done well! Best wishes for the competition!

Thank you so much for your encouragement always 😊

Hola amiga @medilyn02 excelente muñeca amiga, te quedó chévere, se parece a una muñeca de trapo, que tiene mi hija Maríana. Éxitos y bendiciones. #affable #oneporcent #venezuela

Hello thank you friend, I'm glad that you liked it, I'm sure your girl will like it too when she sees it

Hi @madilyn02

I really liked that you emphasized not using scissors or glue, because the origimi doesn't really use it.

You made a very beautiful dress, I really liked how you decorated it. Good job, I congratulate you.

Thank you for participating in this contest, I wish you much success.

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I'm learning everyday to improve myself, thank you very much for your words. Greetings my friend

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Ok, thank you

Hola, amiga! qué linda muñeca de origami hiciste! me gusta mucho tu técnica! jeje a mi no se me dan las manualidades, pero tu haces que parezca fácil :)

Hi friend, hehehe, it's not so easy to make, but I keep trying my best. Thank you for your visit

General amiga le quedó muy bonita su muñeca la felicito.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

Thank you dear friend. Greetings to you too!

This is already a dress for a beautiful queen, just advance with big material and you will be surprised. Thank tou for sharing

Haha, that's so true. Thank you for your visit, maybe I'll trying using material and see what I can get out of it

That will be nice. Please tag me so that I will see how it looks. Thank you

Ok ma 😊

Hola amiga! Está lindo tu vestido, el proceso de la elaboración muy bien detallado, excelente participación!
Éxitos en el Challenge 🌟

Thank you for liking it, I Didn't think I could do it till I tried it out. Greetings dear friend 🌹

Congratulations 🎊

Your post has been upvoted by The PERFECT seven - Arts Team member @eliany using steemcurator04 account, your efforts is appreciated keep making quality art posts.