Steem Venezuela Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 3 Week 3: Meet my Sporty Side by @lebey1

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Being a male in Nigeria means that your favorite sport is Football, The other sport that comes close has to be boxing and Basketball. Nigeria is a sport-loving country. The number of athletes originating from the country attests to this fact. Nigeria has, at one point, had the best of people in different sports.



For instance, in the football world, we once had the likes of Kanu, Okocha, Enyema, Osaze, and Yobo, who rocked the green, white green national colors. The boxing areas also had the likes of Samuel peters, and at the moment, we have the likes of Anthony Joshua, Isreal Adesanya, and a whole other lot.

I grew up in an environment where engaging in sport was encouraged, although my parents, especially my dad, frowned at it. My parents focused more on me doing well in school and shutting the noise outside. Football was a noise t them in their books, but it was a sport I engaged in regardless. During my teenage years, my free time always involved being on the field where football is to play.

I was not the best player, but I knew I was great at the role I assumed while playing these football matches. I always enjoy being the destroyer in other team affairs. I love to break an opponent's attacks and try to start an attack for my team from the back. While my primary objective is to defend and break opponent attacks, my ball passing and retaining skills made it quite hard for me to be a complete back defender. This saw me play as a center-back, right-back, and defensive midfielder.

I used to love how Mikel Obi calmy stop attack while playing for Chelsea, and I have always wanted to play that way. Like Mikel, I am not hell-bent on scoring a goal and do not make it an objective. I have a pretty big and imposing figure and use it well to destroy or get the ball from an opponent. I am pretty aggressive, which helps me level up against players with pace and strength.

The apex level of success I enjoyed from football was playing for my Platoon in the NYSC orientation camp at Obubra, Cross river, in 2015. I played as a right back, mid-back, and defensive midfielder as my team took second place in a tournament in which a total of 10 platoons competed. Although we came second, I was happy that my team saw me as competent and reliable.


Another sports activity I engaged in was rugby during the university. I never played the sport outside the shores of the school, and it was just for six months before giving up entirely on it. Like I said earlier, I am aggressive, big, and imposing. This made me slot into the game perfectly. I did enjoy the game, though, but it was risky compared to football. We played without the headgear and other protective materials, which made it too dangerous.

The last sport was quite popular, and I still play it to date, but I have gone wrong in it over the years due to lack of practice and interest. However, it remains a popular sport in the country and my environment. Old, young males and females play table tennis. It is less risky and fun; It is one of my best individual sports.

Inviting the following people to joy the fun


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Thank yoy

@lebey1, Friend I see that you love basketball you speak with deep passion about it since it is part of your life.

It's good that you were able to find a place in your area where you can play basketball and thus be able to better develop your abilities and skills.

When I was young, I practiced basketball and played on the school team.

I loved reading your post about the meaning of basketball in your life.

Smiles. I actually love football, not basketball. Thanks for stopoing by

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Hola amigo un lado deportivo activo por su participación en varios deportes debe tener un buen conocimiento de esos deportes, el tenis es un deporte que muy poco le gusta a los jóvenes pero en lo particular para mí es exelente ver jugar grandes como Nadal, Federer.

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Buena publicación con una buena historia, aunque me hubiese gustado ver alguna foto tuya referente a lo redactado . Te deseo mucho éxito cariño

Wow, you played rugby, never knew wepeople participate in such sport in Nigeria.

I don't think I can ever participate in that sport, some of the legend in the game have brain tumors or something as a result of the head to head hitting during the game

Thanks for sharing

Thank God I played the game for just a short while


Hola, me apasiona el fútbol para verlo... Disfrutó mucho cuando voy a los partidos, pero solo hago barra... La paso muy bien, me alegra que sea tu deporte favorito...

Rugby is a very passionate game. i am very pleased to read your sportier side