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Hello Venezuelans

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying steemit engagement challenge season 3 which is about to end. I am here to participate in the interesting content organized by Steem Venezuela. The theme attracts me to share my views and opinions about fast food.


"Everyone loves fast food". Tell us your opinion about this statement.

Fast food is well-known because the food is affordable, convenient, and flavors good. Fast food may contain purified cereals rather than whole grains. Not various folk like cooking their food, since that puts up with patience and discipline, something a lot of folks don’t have.

On top of that, some folk just aren’t satisfactory at cooking at all. If you’re adapted to doing things the easy way, opportunities are you’ll live that way on ravage. Not various folk want to confront themselves.

Being sure of how your taste buds are tidied, fast food tastes a lot fairer than robust food. It’s also not as costly and has effortless access. But various folks eat fast food because they have less time to cook food so, they prefer to eat fast food rather than home-cooked food.

In some restaurants, they use unhygienic pork in fast food which is Haram or unlawful for Muslims. But in craving for fast food, we forget everything and eat fast food on daily basis. That's why I mostly prefer to eat at home and cook which thing I cooked best.

Do you regularly prepare fast food at home or do you have a favorite place? Tell us about your experience.

Yes, I loved to eat fast food but once or twice a month not more than this. Yes, the most favorite place is a stall in our university. This is the eldest and most good quality sailing food stall in our university. I loved to eat burgers during our class break so, we eat this burger once a week when we have regular classes.

But now we have university break so, I missed my favorite food and place too. Second thing, as I know I have stomach issues if I eat excessive fast food from restaurants, I prefer to cook at home. I cook pasta, chicken or potato samosa, sandwiches, pizza paratha, burger, chicken biryani, and shawarma at home.

IMG_20220728_205503_874.jpg(Chicken Biryani)IMG_20220715_171614_391.jpg(Mince Samosa)
IMG_20220715_164311_144.jpg(Mince Pasta)IMG_20220709_154447_209.jpg(Chicken Burger)
Do you have fast food promotions in your area? Show us your favorite fast food place and tell us the fast food prices on Steem.

Yes, I have a cafe at our university where I eat with my friends. There are a variety of fast foods there and at reasonable prices too. I eat egg / Shami burger from the cafe upstairs. This is my favorite fast food at the cafe upstairs and I bought it for 150 PKR Rs only.


Here is the price list and the area where we sit for eating. We place our order and then they served us in 10 to 15 minutes. This is the area where we find seats for sitting hardly. Because most of the time students sit and gossip there.

Fast foodPrice in PkrSteem
Chicken Burger2504.29
Egg/Shami Burger1502.59
Do you think fast food affects your health? Explain

It will promptly alter your blood sugar levels. This will result in boredom, inactive, and drowsiness. A person's reflex becomes faint over time and they bring a static life. To make things unpleasant, fast food also obstructs your arteries and raises the risk of a cardiac arrest or attack.

In temporary usage, fast food affects blood sugar and blood pressure, enhances inflammation, and may indicate an individual does not eat enough essential nutrients. It can also lead to obesity, memory problems

Also loss of appetite, delayed or improper growth of bones or muscles, and lessened learning capability. For an extended period, a diet rich in fast food could bring problems with digestion, immunity, inflammation, cardiac health, weight gain, and more.

What are your recommendations for people who are addicted to fast food?

Excess to everything is bad for our health. You can control your habit of eating fast food in many ways but the important thing is you have the determination to change this otherwise there is no need. You must eat fast food at least once a week, you don't have to entirely abandon fast food.

Eating fast food once a week assures that you can provide your body with what it requires without hurting it, and it also enables you in improving metabolism by giving rise to your body burning more calories. So, eat fast food if you loved it but in a controlled way and quantity that it didn't harm your body physically and mentally.

I advise you as a future doctor to prefer your health in Infront of anything and if you see fast food is detrimental to your health, abandon this habit as soon as possible. Avoid excess eating of fast food and prefer to eat healthy food. I invite my friends @nancy0, @noelisdc, and @luimer79 to participate in this steemit engagement challenge and share your thoughts.

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No todos les gusta preparar comida rápida en casa aunque sabemos que es más agradable salir de casa compartir y disfrutar de un buen sitio, muchos dicen que no hacen daño que solo la comen fin de semana pero cierto es que va dañando poco a poco hasta llegar a problemas serios con la salud.

Así es debemos tratar de minimizar la comida rápida no comerla tanto, debemos recordar que primero está nuestra salud nadie nos cuida solo lo debemos hacer por nuestra propia decisión.

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August 10, 2022

Thank you for verification and review. Yes, it's damaging us but we don't pay attention to it. Yes, it's true no one can care for you and you have to take care of yourself.

Al igual que tú pienso que las comidas rápidas hay que comerlas con moderación, de vez en cuando no pasa nada, a demás son muy sabrosas, como esas que muestras en las fotos tanto las que preparas en tu casa como las que comes afuera.
Buen post 🤗
Saludos y bendiciones 🙋🏼‍♀️

Thank you for your visit dear. Yes, in moderation it's better but excess is not good for health.

Hola @ashkhan, muchas gracias por tu participación en esta comunidad.

Muchos sitios que venden comida rápida no cumplen con la higiene necesaria, como bien lo dices.

La comida rápida hay que comerla con moderación y cuidarse, porque puede traer grandes daño a la salud.

Un placer leer tu publicación, éxitos y bendiciones

Thank you for your visit and kind words. Yes, we should be careful about it, as it damages us little by little and we don't care about it until we get severe disorder or symptoms.

Definitivamente la comida rápida debemos comerla con moderación, si es cierto que al comerla fuera no sabe igual que prepararla en casa🙈, pero es como dices algunas veces estos establecimientos no cumplen con las medidas necesarias para la higiene de los alimentos. Buen post, gracias por la invitación☺️

Yes, I know the food taste different but it's better to eat it in moderation and take care of yourself. Thank you.

Hola me encanta la comida rápida que presentaste se ve deliciosa...

Thank you dear.