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Hello Everyone!

You are hearing from Aniqa Mashkoor, a Pakistani :) So far, it's my third publication following the steemit engagement thread and I am loving it. I just love the topic presented by steemit Venezuelaa about writing about the friend I want to meet from steemit.


Steemit is like a family to me, I have spent now more than a year here and have made many friends. And the best part about this platform is it helped me to know people from different parts of Globe or else I would have never known different people a from different regions.


My Steemit friends that I want to meet

Although I have so many friends here but according to the rules we have to write about only one person so for me that one person is @pixie.dust, She is from Pakistan and belongs to my own community. I have never met her, nor do I know her in personal, I just don't even know her actual name but just wanna meet her :p

It's about the content she shares I found it similar to my personality. You always get attract towards the people you feel the same. There are few reasons for that I want to a meet a person from this virtual platform.


I don't believe in making new friends this randomly but I love meeting new people and exploring their personality traits. I myself is a bit talkative. Recently I saw her post about places she love about Karachi and after that I realized that most of them were my favorite too.

Beside this I like her publications, they always have something new and different not the same daily story and that is a good thing. Post presentation matters a lot and the thing I like about her is improvement. It's clearly visible when a person puts her efforts in something and I feel glad that she's improving with her every post.

She has shared many different recipes and the positive factor is they are easy to read and follow and that belongs to how you assemble your piece of writing so appreciation for you love <3 After reading her publications I feel she's a young lively soul who doesn't have some very high figh boundaries she feels real and natural. This is all my perspective and assumptions about her as I said I have never ever seen her in actual but I wish to meet her soon and tell her this all by my own self.

After reading her diaries and other post she seems to be a decent person. All my love to your way. I would like to meet you one day In Shaa Allah now whenever we'll hold any meet up or anything else. Till then take care and keep sharing your days with us.


This ws all from my side. Hope to meet her soon someday. Take care of yourselves and do remeber me in your prayers and I'll do the same. Lot's of love for you all.

I invite @fabiha, @drhira, and @amnafaraz2005 to participate in this contest.

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It is normal that you want to know her, as they have traits in common there is a certain compatibility that would facilitate establishing a friendship and this also applies in real life. In my case I also get my attention from people with similar traits, although sometimes I see users with very different traits and they also catch my attention.

Happy day.

#affable #venezuela

Many times it happens that people with different traits mark the most remembered entry in our life because of the uniqueness they carry in their personalities.

Greetings friend, it's good that steemit has allowed you to meet many people from different regions. I hope you get to meet your friend soon, from what I see they live in the same region but still haven't had the opportunity.

It's good that they have a similar personality and that you like reading what she publishes.

Es una bonita oportunidad para conocer al usuario aunque ni su nombre sabes, la admiración por sus actividades genera ese interés y es bonito que valoren nuestro trabajo.

Gracias por sumarte al challenge, espero que muy pronto puedas conocerle.


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Feliz Noche...

Greetings friend @aniqamashkoor

It is true what you say, we are always struck by those people who in one way or another match our personality, on a platform where diversity is on the surface, we will always find someone similar, I hope you can meet the friend @pixie. dust

Good presentation.

Thank you :)

I was just going through your post and then I saw my name mentioned and it really made me so happy to read all the kind things that you've mentioned about me.

There are many things I love about Steemit and people like you are one of them. I'm so happy I found a platform that gave me a chance to meet amazing bunch of people like you. Extremely supportive, positive and yes exhibiting such good vibes.

I'm so glad to know that you noticed my posts and liked them. I have always been a fan of your content and your personality and I would love to meet you in person too. Thank you for making my day.

Loads of love my friend ❣️

Hope so you'll be having a good day. Keep posting with the same spirit and thank you for your kinds words :)

See you soon someday ❣️