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Today I had lots of tasks done again which I am happy about. I then went out to do some errands to also to buy a pair of new shoes. I didn't realize my other shoe was ripped open on one side. I only realised it when I got home some days ago.

Because I had some more time I then looked at my other plants and took photos.

This is a newest addition to our little collection. It was a token given to my partner by a friend during a birthday they attended.

I was estatic when I saw this growing. I was thinking it must me mangosteen or longgan. I forgot what seed I planted there. But then as it grew, the leaves are like guava which is interesting because I haven't planted guava nor had we ever had guava before. Still curious as to what this is.

There is also this lemon plant. Another one is growing next to it.

This is the rosemary that I have in a little container. There's a bigger one growing outside where this little guy came from.

Ginger and leeks.
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