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I had lots of things done today I thought it would never end but glad that I did. I couldn't document through photos though. So for today's #WednesdayWalk by @tattodjay ans #MakeMeSmile by @elizachang, let me show you what I have managed to grow so far.

I am not thta expert when ot comes to gradening but I like to try.

The focus of this post is the capsicum or bell pepper that I almost gave up on.

When I planted the seeds in used plastic containers, they quickly grew. I have planted in several containers. However, when they were about 3 inches tall or higher, their growth were slow to almost no progress at all. I transferred some of them to a bigger pot and those grew taller.

It was months before I saw potential in them for once in a while a flower will grow making me hope that soon a fruit will form but no luck.

I used to have them under a shade but with direct sunlight but safe from the rain. I thought they would suffer from too much rain if I place them in the open. So for a months, I continue watering them and would also place them under the rain sometimes.

They were still sickly and no improvement in their growth. I decided to just leave them in the open and didn't bother them at all. I was thinking let nature take its course.

Then one time maybe 3-4 months ago, a fruit started to form but would fall off. I thought to myself that leaving them be is going to work so I did that.

Later on, flower after flower began to bloom and fruit after fruit can be seen hanging amd growing bigger.

Now all I am waiting for is the day that I will be picking up fruits that I would add to any dish we will cook.

It's amazing how nature works. It does teach us patience. One time because of frustration, I would uproot some of those that have grown already because
they wilted and I would plant other seeds in its place. We eat a lot of bell pepper and jalapeno so I can always replace them. I would place those uprooted ones on top of other pots thinking they will continually wilt and dry up and would be a fertiliser. However, they will survive and would grow eventually. Nature does find ways. They are okay on their own.

Maybe I should start repotting the other capsicum plants? The one in the bigger container had lots of fruits and flowers like its giving me all it can give all at once. So exciting!

I do have other plants that I place by the window but I'll be talking about those later on.
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