My Actifit Report Card: January 8 2022

in hive-193552 •  7 months ago 

Only 3K today. Ihad to do some yardwork and housework but it didn't require much movement.

Then when I usually walk at night I fell asleep for a while, so no walk.

After that I worked on my game. I finished doing as much as I currently want to do with the chat system. You can post to the Public Shoutbox where everyone can read what anyone writes. You can also Direct Message someone you have Friended and of course just you and your friend can write and read those Direct Messages also kniwn as Private Messages.

Next is the quest system and leveling up. I've dkne some of the database work for that. Now to implement the rest of my plans.

I hope you had a nice Saturday! ❤👍❤

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Daily Activity, Yard Work

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The good investment of time allows you to balance work and recreation and it is healthy, I perceive you distribute it well. Greetings.

It is always good to vary, if you do not really want to walk 3k are good, it is not advisable to leave the daily routine of walks because then laziness invades us. Greetings.

We thank you for sharing your report card, and these good points about your game. My Saturday was quiet, I stayed at home watching some series, and today Sunday the routine will be very similar.

thank you very much for the report, have a nice day