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Today is quite busy, in the mobile phone also received a small part-time job, because empty at home, and can not follow the drama all day, feeling that it will be wasted.

A few days ago, I was still getting used to it. Today, I’m totally up to speed. I found several baby mothers in the group driving Mercedes to take this small part-time job. I asked her directly, why do you still follow a group of us to earn such a small amount of money with such a good family? She said, again small mosquito, also be meat, a day can earn more than 100, buy what to eat not fragrant? Yeah, I guess so.

My community many at home with a baby mother, no one’s own source of income, the last time several people invited me to go out with her to find a job, I said I am not used to that kind of life, the salary is not high, but also on time to go to work. I might as well read at home to kill time.

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