Lunch at Kheng Soon Kopitiam

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It is Sunday, the day I love the most! ❤️ Whole big bunch of us visited Kheng Soon Kopitiam for lunch after church. The uncle who sells the 'Char Kuey Teow' is from Penang, therefore his CKT really is Penang standard. Penang is famous tourist state in Malaysia, famous for its food. Char Kuey Teow is wok-fry fragrant flat rice noodles with eggs, three big prawns, beansprouts, spring onion and Chinese sausage. Glad we got to eat Penang standard kind of CKT eventhough we are not at Penang. The CKT entered my stomach too fast before I remembered to take photo of it haha.

But I did remember to take Kuey Teow Theng, aka flat rice noodle soup. The soup is flavourful, made from chicken bones and duck bones, even more delicious if eat with birds eye chillies soy sauce dip. My son had Curry Chee Cheong Fun with fishballs and fried beancurd skins. Yums! Have a great Sunday.

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