Guidelines for Steemit Users. [ Abuse Watcher ]

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There are many users who are not aware of Steemit rules. They do not know the features of this platform. Not too aware of content sharing restrictions. We have taken initiatives to identify the abusers and bring them to the right path. We don't want to punish directly . We want to give guidelines first.

Common abuses on Steemit platform are: Plagiarism, Copyright infringement, Spamming, Reward Farming.
These are usually the most common. Such activities are constantly increasing. One of the main reasons for this is that the platform currently has no anti-abuse mechanism in place. Feeling the necessity of it, we started the journey. Now the point is that all the users who are not aware of such restrictions should be properly informed. Giving punishment without proper education is a kind of stupidity. It never gets resolved.

In very simple terms, I will give an idea on how to stay away from Copyright infringement, Plagiarism, Spamming and Reward farming. There are some users who engage in abuse even after knowing the rules of this platform and there are some users who do not know anything about the rules. Today's post is mainly for them.

Copyright infringement:

If you download an image under copyright protection and use it in your own post, Then it will fall under copyright infringement. Do not use copyright protected images in your posts. You can download copyright free photos from the below mentioned website and use them in the post. In this case, the source of the photo download should be mentioned.

The above websites are very popular and you can download copyright free photos from here.


If you present someone else’s work or ideas as your own, without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement, Then it will fall under copyright infringement. You can't claim someone else's writing as yours in any way. You need to create content using your brain. You can add some information from different sources in your post but it should not be more than 20 to 25 percent of the original post. However, the source of the information must be mentioned in that case.


Spamming is very harmful for any platform. Repeated time unwanted activities and sharing of valueless content will be considered as abuse. This is not acceptable in any way. You will never become a mature blogger by sharing valueless content over and over again. This kind of work must be avoided at all, otherwise the potential rewards on your post may be zeroed out. Share less content in quantity but try to share quality content. You will get success.

Reward farming:

Reward farming is awful. It looks very ugly. It spoils the true beauty of the Steemit platform. Many malicious users use multiple accounts to earn rewards or share very valueless content from one account to earn huge rewards in various ways. But all these contents do not deserve any great rewards. Users should understand about this matter that big rewards cannot be taken by sharing such shit content. Share good content and earn good rewards.

Those who do not know the above things learn and act accordingly. Your blogging journey will be very pleasant. Otherwise you will face various obstacles. Our respected detectives will go to the posts of various abusers and give guidelines and include the link of this post there. As a result a user will learn from here. And after receiving proper guidelines he/she will return to the right path. And those who do not return to the right path, we will make arrangements to bring them back to the right path.



Unity we stand, divided we fall. So, have to fight together

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Giving punishment without proper education is a kind of stupidity.

You are right here, thanks for this guideline which I believe it will be a reminder for authors to publish quality content. Punishment without proper education can be seen as bullying the users, especially the user who is new to the platform.

Thank you very much for the guide.. farming rewards with low post quality, trash posts should also be dealt with by the privacy police.

This will give STEEM more value. What about the upvu ?

This will give STEEM more value.

Yeah, that's what we're thinking too

What about the upvu ?

I didn't understand your question .

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

Thank you

Viniste a darles una buena lección a los abusadores. Buena suerte en tu nueva iniciativa, yo comparto publicaciones para las temáticas de ciencias, y la última vez compartí memos hacia los "posibles participantes"

Espero que eso no sea considerado spam, ¿ o si lo es ?, espero su respuesta amigo

It will not be considered as spam. Don't worry .

This is a very good guideline. I think this post is good advice for all on steemit platform. Thanks for the advice.

Hello friend, it is very important to educate users on this topic, as you do in this post. This is also a job that must be done daily from moderation in the communities or outside of them.

I think this initiative to fight against abuse is very important, and even more so when it is a repeat offender.

I wish you much success.

Thanks for sharing this specific roadmap to identify abusers I think you will do a great job🤩

Thank you . Everyone has to work together in this regard.

BTW, I'm preparing a good thing that could help you, stay tunned!

Greetings friend @abuse-watcher

I find very important your instructive about the action plan to follow, this means a good advice for me since I have been active in this important task of identifying plagiarism and Spam.

In my case, I identify them and tag them leaving a brief invitation to share original content, I also leave you Steemit's guide on content etiquette, as you can verify below.

The labels can be removed after the user has taken the correct path.

We are here to keep improving.

I wish you success in your projects.

Thanks for this useful piece of information

Good initiative abuse-watcher , best of luck.

That's a nice guideline. Every one should follow those instructions. This will help us to work properly.

Encourage originality.

Thank you very much for this guidance, i wasn't aware of these guidelines , please now I know I will not go against the rules,

Very useful information and thank for sharing i learnt a lot from this article