To all abusers on Steemit, be alert, we're coming...

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We're back again with much more power. We are here to fight against all types of abuses like as plagiarizing, spamming, phishing attacks, scamming attempts etc. on Steemit Decentralized Platform. We have the power to resist the abuser no matter how strong. We have the ability to downvote $2,000 per day.

Our project initiative is fully a voluntary service & as well as non-profit. We're trying our best to eliminate any fraudulent activities on Steemit. Nowadays, spammers, plagiarizer, scammers are everywhere in the web, even on our favourite blogging platform Steemit. Our mission is to find out these offenders & also blacklisted beneficiaries. Steemit is a vast place in where it's quite difficult to find out those offenders. so, we are asking help from you. Please, cooperate by reporting these phishy guys to our
Discord Server : Here

We respect your privacy, so, we do not reveal your identity under any circumstances. After submitting your reports on our discord server, all reports will be disappeared immediately & remain invisible publicaly. Your every submission counts.

We fight against--

  • Plagiarism
  • Spamming
  • Identity Theft
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Reward farming communities
  • Scamming or, any Financial fraud on Steemit
  • Phishing Attacks or, any kind of Hacking attempt
  • Fake Crypto ICO, IPO or, any Scam Coin Campaign

Investors who are on this platform, their contribution is huge. There are exemptions in their case. But we are vocal about those who are keeping minus contribution.

We have a few vigilantes in our team who will always keep a close eye on the various communities and users. Besides, all of you come forward to keep this platform clean. Thank you.

Unity we stand, divided we fall. So, have to fight together

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Which account will downvote? Does it / do you need a delegation?

Delegation is not needed for now. But we welcome you if you want to involve yourself in this project.

Before I'm involving myself I'm gonna watch the abuse-watcher for a little while... ;-)

But lease back to my first question: Which account is gonna downvote the abusers? Or are there several "private investigators"? I won't follow a downvote trail or something like this - following "hints" might be.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

No, there is no downvote trail. And, I am personally against the mass downvoting. abuse-watcher will only downvote the posts involved in plagiarism, copyright infringement, identity theft, fraudulent activities etc. But, before that we must warn the abuser several times.

We skip steemit investor's micro posts.

I am personally against the mass downvoting

We agree on that.

only downvote the posts involved in plagiarism, copyright infringement, identity theft, fraudulent activities etc.

That, too, is entirely in my interest.

investor's micro posts

What a charming expression for the daily spam of some investors, who nevertheless should be flattered... ;-)

Its a huge initiative to clean the platform from various kind of spamming. Unitedly we can make the platform better for us. We all should come forward from our end. We should immediately send the link whenever find any abuse of the platform.

Now, we all have an option to submit spamming content to Abuse Watcher and thanks for this nice initiative of making the platform better for all of us.

Do you plan to create a public blacklist? It would be useful for other applications to apply security filters.

You make a great point. Of course, we have already thought about this. It may take some time to implement .

This is a great and very important concern, we definitely want to find the abusers and fight them. I hope we can do something good if we all move forward together.

It's really a great initiative to clean and clear this awesome platform. Some thieves are stealing our rewards and it is never desirable. I think this is one of the breakthrough steps.

I want to say #abuser be allart #abuse-watcher is coming.

I certainly applaud such positive work. Because I think it is very important for the Steemit platform and this kind of activity is definitely necessary to keep this platform free from abuse. I think all of us who love this platform should support such initiatives.

This is a very nice and important initiative. Through this initiative we can find the culprits. We want a beautiful platform. So we should all work together.

It is a great news that steemit become more powerful. So if anyone tries or wants to abuse, do not dare to do this, because there are a lot of eyes watching you. Be alert, i am also one of the eyes. I will try my best to notify about any unwanted situation. Thank you very much.

Hope this initiative will be very beneficial for steemit platform, we all will definitely be involved in this work. This initiative will surely wipe out all the crimes of this platform.

I have been unfairly reported for plagiarism and I would like this decision to be reviewed for the 'copied' publications are also mine. Please consider my suggestion.

Like cheeta

Excellent initiative. We need motivated users who're ready to fight against the on-going abuse here. Do let me know if you require any sort of help, in the form of delegations or anything else.


Excellent initiative.

Thank you .

We need motivated users who're ready to fight against the on-going abuse here.

I agree with you

.....Delegations or anything else.

Delegation is not needed for now. But we welcome you if you want to involve yourself in this project.

I'd love to involve myself in this fight against abuse, but before that I'll be keeping a check on how abuse-watcher works. How will you guys be working against account farmers and users involved in plagirism? Will there be a downvote on their posts? How many members do you have in your team? Are they all trustworthy?

It is really a very good initiative for us. It would be great if action can be taken against them who are really misusing this platform. I think it's a great platform for us. Where we should work with an open mind. No kind of injustice should be supported here. So everyone come forward together.

That's really make the system clean, it will allow the interested person work with Steem not to the Spammers. Thank you for the great initiative.

I am pleased to see this initiative. I hope you stick around a little longer and not dissolve this community some time later like others did in the past.

I am dealing with abuse on daily basis but it's an exhausting task to handle alone. I have to let go suspicious activities at times simply because it stops me from doing other important tasks.

I would be happy to report to you but I'm not sure if I trust half the people you( assuming that you are @rme) labeled as detective. It would be nice if you explain the working mechanism and if it's possible then share the team behind as well.

Detective labeled are those members on which @rme trust and all these members are the Admin/Mods of our well established three communities ( #amarbanglablog #beautyofcreativity #tronfanclub)

Fair enough. 👍

Undoubtedly one of the best initiative. And hope this platform will be able to eliminate all kinds of misdeeds with the wholehearted cooperation of all. And it will be my pleasure to engage myself in this work.

Great initiative with a great kickstart. If you have some free time you can visit:

Woow what a great initiative here

I believe this will help eradicate most of this abusers here in this platform.

Thanks for bringing up such an amazing initiative. We will love to see your team get to work as soon as possible in dealing with this abusers here

This is a very great news, this is another form of solution about a recent problem in steemit, I am not someone who is very good at studying someone's case, but I will 100% support this initiative, I think it will be safer and isolated from an attack by cheaters, let's work together, love steemit,
We steemit friends will definitely support you fully 💪💪💪

Don't even think of doing anything illegal. Because abuse watcher is watching each and every post.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

This initiative is a very great one, there have been lots of instances where trusted individuals cheat the platform.

It is nice to know we have a team that is ready to fight against this.
Thank you @hungry-griffin and @rme

Please if there is anyway I can help, do not hesitate to call my attention to it, I will be more than willing to assist fight abuse on steemit

Hello, i just read this publication and it is so amazing 😍. Great news, i am a MOD in my community and i just created a publication in alignment with this post. I hope it creates more awareness, to help take the word further.

Most likely the best initiative against fraud in the whole Steemit history. Many thanks for this necessary effort for the health of the platform.

Any kind of collaboration you need and within reach of my hand, do not hesitate to contact.

Let's continue!

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