[ENG] jsBLURT project dev update - /wstat command added.

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Hello, this is @joviansummer. I'm developing a BLURT blockchain explorer on Telegram messenger. If you're interested, please check the link below:

[ENG] jsBLURT project - blockchain explorer on Telegram messenger

A new command, "/wstat" has been added. This command gives you witness status information. You can see witness node version, received votes, last confirmed block number, current block number, and the number of missed blocks.

For example, start a chat session with "jsblurt_bot" on Telegram and send a command as follows to see @joviansummer's witness node information.

/wstat joviansummer


So far, 3 commands have been implemented as follows.

/help: show help message
/stat: account status information
/wstat: witness status information

Now, I'm moving on to the heart of this project, account operations log.

Thank you for reading!

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Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.