#Club75 | LTS-Science diary game | Date-01-07-2022 | How To Set Up Keep the power of the fridge in positions, the fridge and its products will not be damaged | by @doctorstrips

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Assalamu Alaikum.
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What I am going to share with you today is-

#Club75 | LTS-Science diary game | Date-01-07-2022 | How To Set Up Keep the power of the fridge in positions, the fridge and its products will not be damaged | by @doctorstrips

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Hope you like the article.So Let's get started-

Each of us has a refrigerator in our house. We call this refrigerator for short.
We need to keep the refrigerator and refrigerated items in order.

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With some settings we can keep the refrigerated goods and the fridge beautiful. There is no such thing as power saving in the fridge. In fact, we set the temperature in the fridge.

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This thermometer is used to increase or decrease the temperature of the fridge. As a result, the fridge is good and the quality of the goods kept in the fridge is also good.

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Inside the fridge is a round light at the top. This light has a round numbered wheel on one side.

This is actually the measurement switch of the thermometer. This round wheel-like switch has zero to 7 meter numbering. Meter numbers from 1 to 7 without zero are effective.

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We will keep the point of the thermometer in the fridge the same in summer or on hot days and we will keep this point different in winter or on cold days.

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Since the outside temperature is much lower in winter or winter days, in winter we will keep 2 to 3 meters in the fridge.

The best thing is that we will turn the meter. The place where Chatang will make a sound while turning it is its original set up. It would be better to keep it here.

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Now that the hot days have come, I will set up a new hot day.

On hot days we will keep the thermometer meter in the fridge between 3 and 5. I kept it in the same way.It automatic select on 4 on metre.

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If you set the fridge according to the above settings, the fridge will be in perfect condition and all the product quality standards will be in it.

I think it would be more beneficial to watch the video below to know more details.


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