#steemphotos Contest #9 -Who is @null? and What is Burn steem?|| 25%@null

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Hi friends,
Greetings!, hope you are all doing well,
I am Jyoti the admin of #steemphotos. I am very happy to announce our community's Contest #9 today.

#steemphotosContest #9.jpg

Contest Details:-

The contest's subject is "Who is @null? and What is Burn steem? ". To take part in this contest, you have to answer the above questions in detail with at least 300 words and at least 2 related pictures in the post . This contest is open to all steemit users from any country, and can make a post in any language with English translation.


Contest Prize:

We have decided to giveaway 9 steems pool prizes as below:
1st Prize- 3 steems
2nd Prize- 3 steems
3rd Prize- 3 steems
and a chance to get surprise upvote from curators.

Contest deadline is 23 July 2022, 11.59 am UTC .


Contest Rules to be Followed:

• Contest post must be submitted only in the #steemphotos community.

• Title should be Stemphotos contest #9 || Who is @null || What is Burn steem ? by @user.

• Post must have at least 2 pictures.

• A quality writing article must have at least 300 words.

• Participant must have participated in any of one clubs such as #club5050 or #club75 or #club100.

• Use tags #steemgrowth #steemphotos and the club you are in, for example #club5050.

• Pictures must be your own, copying pictures from the internet is not allowed.

• Don’t post any Plagiarised or illegal content.

• Follow @steemphotos .

• Invite at least three friends to take part in the contest.

• Submit your post link in the comment section of this post.

• Upvote and Resteem this post.

• Set 10% Beneficiary to @steemphotos.

Cc: @steemcurator01
@kyrie1234, @arshani , @mrsokal, @sualeha, @mesola, @abiga554



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It is indeed a great contest sister @jyoti-thelight. It will give awareness to those newbies who don't understand what really burnsteem is...

yes you are right, lets invite some people to take part in this ontest

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Thank you very much

Good condition,guys let's do it

Please be active in verification and making posts

wow it’s wonderful contest i Will try to participate.

Thank you, expect a good entry from your side




thank you sis for the invitation


Thank you sister