How I did the powerup of 215.952|| #club100

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Hi friends,
Today I have done a powerup of 215.952 steems and I reached 1180 SP in my wallet, I always wanted to be in the #club100 and so I did the powerup to maintain the club100, here are the screenshots that show how I did the powerup:


Checking my wallet before the powerup I had 19+ SBD and 18+ steems


Converting SBD TO STEEM


Checking wallet for the converted steems



Powering up all the steems I have


Step 5:

Powering up OF215.952 STEEMS


Step 6:

My wallet shows 1180.376 SP after the powerup


Step 6:

Checking my club as I am in #club100

This is how I did the powerup and set the target goal to enter the dolphins club in the next two months, all I need is your support. Thank you
@nadiaturrina, @kyrie1234, @nishadi89, @janemorane, @eliany, @arshani , @sualeha, @mesola, @mrsokal, deepak94

♣ ♣ All is Well ♣ ♣


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Hello @poorvik,

Its a great move brother. Continue doing things to help the platform grow. Keep it up!

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Congratulations! and now your power is increased

This post is not related to the context of "Learn with steem". Stop using the tag #learnwithsteem inappropriately. The tag is used for courses, lessons and tutorials related contents.


Kindly take note that power up articles are not valid under the #fintech tag. As such, this is considered as tag stuffing. Master the use of the right tags at the right time. Thank you.

Ok i got it, thank you

I congratulate you for continuing to grow within the platform, keep it up.
Best regards

Thankyou mam, for the support and kind words