Know My town in ten pictures (Akwa ibom state, uyo. Nigeria) by @mesola

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In every state in Nigeria we are blessed with different natural resources hence most businesses have their base around these resources, in the same respect, some businesses progress more in one state more than the other. This may be because of the immediate want of the people or because of the culture of the people. it is always advisable to make a research before one starts any business in the area you are living.

My today town in ten pictures I will thrive on some the business building we have in our state. I will use this medium to thank @eliany for coming up with this contest. It will make us know more about our state

superphones nigeria limited


Superphones is located at number 116 Oron Road Uyo, Akwa-Ibom. Nigeria

their Productsare:

  • Phone Accessories,
  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Cameras
  • Computer Accessories

their Services are:

  • They repairs Phone and Installation

Jane Juliet Shopping Mall


Jane Juliet Shopping Mall is located at number141 Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom,

Jane Juliet shopping mall is so full shop, there are stuff on shelves, on the floor, overhead shelves and even in the check-out counters. They used up every possible space they have and at first contact, the shop is well-arranged. But then as you check around, you begin to see some reasoning in the set up. The stock is so full and there is a great chance of finding what ever you want. Do you believe that I saw more than fifteen brands of toothpaste and I cannot remember where else I have seen them that much. And it includes brands that I hadn't seen before. At least, I even found a tea beverage I have been looking for. -i have plans of visiting this place again by next weekend. All this while I have been talking about the ground floor. There are so many floors above and the have other stuff too.

In my opinion, Jane Juliet Shopping Mall is the best shopping mall in Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom State, because the prices of their goods are quite competitive and reasonable, or let me say is cheaper than what one can find in the local market in a lot of instances.

Their products are:

  • Food stuff
  • electronics
  • electricals
  • beverages
  • provisions
  • comestics
    all their stuff are sold at very great prices.
    A visit will convince you!




LG showroom is located at, 233 Ikot Ekpene - Uyo Rd, Uyo, Nigeria,
They deal on several types and different brands of electronics to choose from. The staff was friendly when I went there to see some of their products.

Is one of the Local flagship store of LG electronics. Largest in Uyo.

the brand they deal on are:

They have a large array of TVs and some other products. Ample parking.
This is a known electricals and electronics shop that is along Ikot Ekpene road, just beside Itam market, at the outskirts of Uyo the capital city of Akwa Ibom State.

Business premises where alot of businesses are been carrying out. You can see in the building that over 10 businesses are is located at ikot ekpene road by plaza




67 Ikot Ekpene Road
Uyo, Akwa-Ibom

SuitsShirtsJeans TrousersStaffsChainsNecklaceSandalsPalm SlippersCanvasCover ShoesSingletsUndiesSocksTiesItalian Shoes

All progressives congress secretariat (APC)

All progressives congress secretariat (APC) is located at number 149 ikot ekpene road, uyo

Business premises 220 abak road


This another business premises and is located at number 220 abak road, in this building there is a bank and insurance company and some other private businesses.

westbrain park


Westbrain park is located at 190 oron Road
Is a business space where they sell all kinds of drinks and food and alot of people like to partronize them. Their drinks are always chill. Though I only went there once.

Dominos Pizza Uyo


94, Ikot Ekepene Rd Ikot Ekpene,

Dominos Pizza is the best pizza in Nigeria! They Deliver hot, fresh pizzas to your doorstep within 30mins

Twinkle crown kids


You can see some of the pictures in my town and I am using this medium to invite my friends to join us in the contest. @icon-monday
@xfel and @grich



My introduction post


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Hello @mesola,

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Thank you very much my dear friend

I am glad that the Indian education institute APTECH is serving in your country too , a very good post

So aptech is the Indian education, waooo good to know this

I'm glad to know your town in ten pictures, your entry is reviewed

Thank you sis

Uyo is blessed and happens to be one of the most beautiful state in Nigeria 🇳🇬.

Thanks for sharing

Nice places you've got around there, hope to visit there someday 🥰