Know about @null and Why should we burn steem ||25%@null

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Hi friends and dear members,
Hope you are fine and safe.
Today in steemit two posts are attracted me greatly they are: written by @rosz and an awareness post about burn and null:Who is @null? What is a Burn coin in the crypto world? And how to set 25% beneficiary to @null? This Post Rewards Has Set 25% beneficiary to @null. by @nadiaturrina I would really like to thank them for this great awareness.

And also sir @steemcurator01's comment has diverted the attention of many to the relevant posts page. So I realized there was some importance in @null and burn and wanted to know more about it.


What is @null

@null: @null is a special account on Steemit that no one owns or controls. Any funds sent to @null are removed from the token supply which means be burned.

Coin burning is a process that removes coins from circulation, which means a process of destroying a coin so that it is no longer available for use. They would send coins to specialized accounts such as @null where no one can access it, and it is an essential to burn coins to increase the value of the steem token.

So it is very important to burn steems to make the steem stable in the market, so we should set the beneficiary to the @null account. Many of us don't know how to set beneficiaries in their posts, so i an going to explain here how to set the beneficiary to @null account, and here are the steps:


When you complete post please check the "Advance setting" at the bottom of the page just above the post button



Click advance setting and click add account



When click "Add account" you can see two black tabs one for % and one for the name of the account.



Type 25% and @null in the tabs respective and click save


Check the"Beneficiary set 1" just above the advance setting

Everyone in the steemit should support the burn process and set 25% beneficiary to@null, and use #burnsteem25 hash tag to get support from steemcurator01 and spread this awareness. i would like to thanks @nadiaturrina and @rosz for this great initiation.

@kyrie1234, @arshani , @sualeha
@nishadi89, @mesola, @mrsokal


Discord : @jyoti-thelight#6650 Telegram :-


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I will be studying more about null sister... Thanks for tagging me...

Thank you, Please invite your friends to join the camping #burnsteem25

I will be studying it first sister... Then I will share and encourage them to share

Thanks dear for share information about @null account and you cleared more about why we burn steem .👍👍

Thank you, Please invite your friends to join the camping #burnsteem25

Thank you very much ma for the enlightenment.

Thank you, Please invite your friends to join the camping #burnsteem25

Have done that ma

Great concept. I would like to invite my friends @gayeshakavi ,@nethanya45, @hansihmd, @kunwal, @jes88, @hasini, @yrmaleza, @myblueworld , @ubongudofot, @sanuri & @goodybest to participate with #burnsteem25. I hope to implement it from my next article.

Good work, dear
Let's campaign and invite the other to increase the price of Steem together. Together we can!

l am delighted to join you in the campaign and spread awareness of #burnsteem25 I would like to invite
@marlyncabrera, @eliany, @ranarahman, @diusma16, @enamul17, @poorvik, @nsisongudofia,
@abiga554, @mvchacin, @lari97, @inspiracion, @nadeesew, and @tocho2 to join the campaign.

now I know.
Let's burn steem together.

Thank you, Please invite your friends to join the camping #burnsteem25

Thank you for the information I will set 25% to @null in my next posts, Invite @deepak94, @yurimar, @maazmoid123 @alfazmalek to join the #burnsteem25 campaign

Yes i m also set beneficiary to Null.
Thanks for your information 🙂.

That's good and all the best

Thank you for the response

@jyoit-thelight Thank you so much for inviting me.I will definitely set @null Beneficiary in my next post.

@olabillions, @faran-nabeel, @nacim-rana, @nancygbemi, to join the campaign #burnsteem25

Thanks for inviting me.

Thank you so much for sharing with us...I would like to share more Study about @null account.

i just participated on this yesterday too