#burnsteem25 Steemphotos contest #11 || "Tell us about a departmental store you visited recently by @jes88

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It's a wonderful day to celebrate God's grace. Good day to all!

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Another interesting contest from this community makes me wanted to join. There is a famous department store in our place which is very affordable and owned by a Chinese owner. The department store's name is Unitop General Merchandise.


This is what I saw right when I entered the entance door. The highlight of the consumers are the school supplies. Classes in private schools are already starting today while the public schools will be next monday. Parents are busy purchasing their children needs because this is the resume of the face to face mode of teaching after 2 years.


My mission for today is to buy a gift for my favorite godchild, whom I never seen for years. She will go home tomorrow to another island that is why I am making an effort to pay back the years that we didn't see each other. Since she is turning 5 years old and enrolled already in the kindergarten, I plan to give her school supplies before she went homr and another years we will be missing each other.


I saw a cartoon backpack, which I think she'll gonna like. I put it in my cart and proceed to another corner.

I also included notebooks,paper pad, pencil,sharpener and crayons. Since I lost the official receipt , I'll gonna state the price and the total amount I paid.

1 backpack149.0011.5
3 pcs notebooks45.003.4
1 pad paper10.000.8
2 pcs pencil18.001.39
1 pack crayon12.000.9
1 piece sharpener3.000.23

I only went to school supplies section. Even if I want to stroll, I need to save time because my daughter is waiting at home. After I purchase my gift for my godchild, I went directly to parking area and drive to their home.


This is my cute godchild. I hope she will like my little gift for her.

This has been my contest entry. I am inviting @jaofran @manticao @mrs.cuyag to join the contest. You may click this link


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Thank you for inviting me..

join now 🙂

Grabe kadaghan taw pag-ara nako dra ba

tungod sa kabarato dam ,mudugok ang mga tawo hehe

Wow excited na mo go to school si inday.

kinder ni siya nay

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thank you for your continous support mam

Hello friend, what a great store you present us, also the prices of the tools look economical, I love how happy the girl looks wearing her backpack to go to school.
Thank you very much for your excellent participation.

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thank you for the review

I like the bag pack you bought from unitop store 👍👍your god child is very cute and innocent 😇😇
Best wishes for you and your child as well for contest .

Thank you for the compliment sister.

My pleasure 💕

Hello @jess88 sister,

Wonderful God's grace. Thank you for sharing amazing content with good photography in steemphotos community. And I enjoyed your content. I am waiting to see your next entry in steemphotos community. Have a good day to you! ♥️

Thank you for your compliment sister. Surely I will keep on steeming in your community, and others.