The Invisible Man, Paatal Lok and Demon Slayer- A lazy Entertainment Guide.

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Only in the last 7 days, I have watched 3 Anime, 4 Movies, and 4 tv shows. Totaling around 92 hours. What a waste of time don’t you think? Almost 4 days on a stretch, nothing but 2-dimensional characters on screen. Some might even go as far as labeling me as a mental patient.

But, let me tell you why it was very pleasant for me. When you are an extrapolated introvert like me, you'll find pleasures in the smallest things that come to you naturally. And oh boy do I love watching and dissecting shows and movies. I do so you, the readers don't have to. Mostly I work as a filter that is supposed to blur out the unnecessary waste of time entertainments and watch only what suits your taste.

So, in those 92 hours, and among those 11 movies and shows altogether. I've shortlisted 3 of them as worthy of the time invested. Some of them are solely Indian drama so if you have the knack of avoiding them you are free to do so. No judgments. But the other ones might be worthwhile and please stick along for those. So, without farther ado, here it goes

1: [Movie] The Invisible Man:

The Invisible Man Poster

The invisible Man, originally written by H.G wells was never supposed to be a villain or any kind of a protagonist. He was designed to be a tragic creature of fate and science nothing else.

But the last few rewrites have made this universal character to be a universal monster none the less. In the previous movie, he turned out to be a botched science project who suddenly decided to be a homicidal maniac.

And I had similar expectations from The Invisible Man (2020). But it completely blew me away.

It had created a bad impression for me when I saw Elizabeth Moss in the posters and trailers. Her acting was never suitable for my taste. Always saddened eyes, fake laughs, and teeth crittering over the top drama made her look like a weak actress, at least to me.

But I am very happy to take back my statement and say I was wrong. The Invisible Man, this one is completely a Sci-Fi Horror and a psychological thriller. I had no idea that this exact combination of genres can be achieved without putting some space monsters and aliens on the screen.

This is a complete rewrite of the original and its very unique. To whom it may concern, it should be your chance to scare your other half and some sparks in romance if you decide to watch this after midnight.

2: [TV Show] Paatal Lok.

Most probably the best drama ever to be produced in the Indian subcontinent. This show is an example of how the rating systems in popular entertainment sites do give unjust rap to some quality entertainments.

For example, let's say you are a great advocate of leftist ideology. And so you have your side of the story. When the same situations are interpreted from different ideologies, they tend to procure a different outcome than the popular one, like a coin with its 2 sides.

Now, if you tend to judge things only with your own interpretations then you are disturbingly short-sighted. And that is what happens with any drama that tends to lift up for us to see the gender discrimination, racial biases, and different ideologies. Instead of judging them by what they are, people do so by observing what they want to see and find in it.

If you watch the show with an open mind and as a pure mystery drama, you will be left in awe. As the director was mainly a cinematographer in other productions, he managed to pull out overall eye-pleasing visuals with no drop in quality.

3: [Anime] Demon Slayer

This has placed the third for a reason. Because THIS IS A COMPLETE GARBAGE.

Demon Slayer

I have so many friends who worship anime. Some up to that moronic point where you decide to learn Japanese only for watching anime easily disrespecting the actual beauty of Japanese. So some of those nerds suggested me a few shows. Most of them were better but repetitive. They all follow the same formula. Monsters murdered the underdog's family and so he decides to fight back. But somehow he is the most powerful entity in that universe and he has the edgiest attack names.

The same goes for Demon Slayer. If you strip it of its great artworks and BGMs, the only thing left will be its weak-ass storyline. Lazy writing at its best. Purely made for kids. Devoid of any mature sentiment.

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