Prometheus of Our Time.

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I have been quite a fan of Greek and Norse mythology form a very early age. I always loved reading about mythology and fantasy. It was my escape and my recreation. Like Sherlock’s mind castle, the doorway to my mind cottage, XDXD (What? Just saying. I wouldn’t dare to compare myself with Him. Though I study Criminology and Criminal Psychology myself, but never in a light years.)


What fascinated me most among all the Greek gods was Prometheus, the son of Titan and Oceanid Lapetus and Clymene. The forethinker and the bringer of fire to humanity.

There's a reason why I'm writing about this. I live in a country filled with idiots. Everywhere you look you'll find one. Including me.

For example, the ideologists and the preachers of free-thinking in my country have been promoting social distancing since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. As we are one of the most populated (might be the most populated now) it might become one of the most difficult and dire situations if not handled correctly. And so the authorities enforced lockdown and other protective measures, but only in talks. They do not care and the people do not care about how bad it might become. let me show you some photos.

Credits: Dhak Tribune

A prominent and famous Muslim cleric died just recently when the COVID-19 is starting to sore through the roof. But they thought it would be a divine act for the 50,000 to attend his funeral. See the number. It’s not a mistype. It might be even more, who knows. No sane person would even go there to count.

You can read about it here in an article by the and here.

Like, in Italy or Spain, this type of behavior by the mass populous is what brought down their health services to the knees. The people in Italy too thought that it would be a great idea to attend the football games or mass gathering at tourist spots. I mean they’re a nation of football and travel lovers. But such careless deeds never go unpunished. And that’s what happened in those countries. Even such a strong country like the USA has been hit hard.

Now, here comes the Prometheus part. As he had made humans from clay, and Epimethius all the other things on earth, Zeus looked down on humanity. Creatures who can think like GOD but are mere mortals. But Prometheus loved his creations. Not being able to take humanity's misery, he stole fire from the workshop of Hephaestus and brought it to humanity, thus creating civilization. As he brought fire to humanity he had been punished and had to walk the earth like a human for eons. But he was not afraid.

Screenshot 17.png
Found on wikipedia. The infection rate keeps doubling every 4 days.

Screenshot 18.png per million tests witha 170 million populous and only 26,604 tests had been conducted in the last 42 days since first confirmed case.

For an idiot nation like ours, that type of leadership is what we need. Like our Health Minister boasted that Bangladesh had one of the best health services in the world. In reality, we only have 500 ventilators with 170 million populous. Like Germany's state minister of finance had committed suicide, why? He was afraid that he might not be able to cope with the imminent financial collapse. He had given his work, his citizens and reputation more priority than even his life. Where we have a circus for a government and the minister are all clowns. Unfit individuals run offices that they have no expertise on. Like our health minister is an economics major. Joke much?

Such Prometheus might come in the near future, or may never come, but we need one. Badly. To guide us to the path of education and strong moral compass. When your leaders are a joke, but still, stay and hold power for decades only using corruption, and your citizens blindly follow, then you live among a herd of fools. Only to die like pesticides.

I wasted my life being born in such a populous, but I love my country. Its natural beauty and the memory it holds for me is what clams me. It's hard to see it destroyed like this by vultures and snakes alike. Hopefully one day, this will all be better. And if I live to see that day, my life would be successful then.

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