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It took me three months to chase him down. Hundreds of field agents along with countless analysts, seven months, and at last I found him.

They call him by many names. The lord of darkness, Prince of hell, The impaler, and so on. But I know him as Vlad, the infamous Count Dracula.

It took me and Boris 3 years to reach Tutankhamen’s tomb. Before that, I was only a professor of paleontology with nothing exciting to show with my whole life. And then one day he popped into my chamber. Telling me all sorts of things about his adventures. How he found the hidden treasures of Rameses 2. Then he asked me. If I would like to accompany him in his next endeavor. And the foolish me accepted.

“Very slowly Peter, stones are pretty sharp here. Don’t want to cut yourself.” Boris jokingly pointed out the dubiousness of these underground tunnels.

We were climbing, walking, and crawling downwards for six hours through these underground maze of tunnels using the map we found carved on the gold casket of Tutankhamen. As all the other treasure maps have a chest full of riches at the end, this was marked with the hieroglyphics of blood. The chill flowing down through my spine only revealed an ominous thought. But Boris, the crazy treasure hunter wouldn’t let us end it there. The tomb of the deceased pharaoh was filled with unfathomable fortune, yet his thirst was never filled.

As we reached the end of the tunnel we found another tomb, might even be bigger than the ST peters basilica with walls made out of some kind of white stone. And at the very middle, a red liquid was dripping down on another coffin made of the same white stone. My heart skipped a couple of beats. The eight of us are all as silent as if we were in a deprivation chamber.

Boris, the idiot after requesting thousands of times still opened it. And there lied an unusually tall mummified dead body with only skin left on bones.

“Who do you reckon this is Peter?”

“The obstacles we had to pass through makes me think he might be someone important. Who knows, he might be Tutankhamen’s hidden admirer.” I laughed. And then I noticed it.
The red water droplets were falling exactly on the blackish teeth of the mummy. And slowly the body was transforming which we couldn’t notice earlier. And then, it opened its eyes. And in a second it transformed into millions of bats, biting everyone. Before anyone could do anything, most of my companions died, the only thing left of them was bones.

As I was the closest to the mouth of the tunnels, I decided to run for my life. I could hear the batting wings of the miniature bringer of death. After following the white marking rope for almost an eon, I found myself on his tomb. The resting place of the most infamous pharaoh, Tutankhamen.

The Rothmenians were waiting outside, the secret organization that investigates the paranormal phenomenon. Somehow they knew everything. That I would be the only one leaving that tomb. And then they told me what I needed to know. That it was Dracula. The overpowered supervillain from fairy tales was a reality and Rothmenians Protected the tomb from the time of crusades.

After two months, a team entered the tunnels again. And they found nothing. So the Rothmenians decided to put me in charge of the task force, and we, at last, found him.
Dracula decided to go back to his Transylvanian castle under the covers of nightfall. That’s why we couldn’t track him and never even guessed that the castle was a real thing.

So I decided to go all out. The Rothmenians decided to give me seven MOABs. And so I am patiently waiting for the dawn when i will bring down hell on this bloodsucking parasite.


Now it’s 6:35. The bombs have decimated the whole mountaintop along with the castle. A can see the extent of damage now. The whole mountain got squished. Like alien terraforming. And so we decided to celebrate it with a La Chateau

“Hey Andrew, Take my cup, would you? Bring me a refill buddy.” “Andrew?”

There’s is no one there. Syddenly, all 20 and so people have vanished completely.

“Andrew? Morris?”

I slowly creep toward the adjacent tent, and I see it all.

A giant pile of meat towering almost to the roof. Like a butcher filleted a 2-ton cow.
Then, a sudden breathing down on my neck. So hot that I'm having goosebumps. Boris should have never opened the casket. Damn you, you ugly moron.

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