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Hellooo gamers of the blockchain....

Now what an amazing day today is going to be for Splinterlands family. Moving completely from Steem Blockchain to Hive Blockchain is indeed a big step. While all the best to the team for that and we the players are as well, looking forward to the upcoming changes and updates.

Better not make you bored. Today here I am sharing one of my battle with you all with SNEAK ability . I like this ability way too much. And probably a wicked smile comes to my face whenever I see a rule set and a fair mana (big) game comes to me by luck. Today's one was probably the same as well.

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Sneak : Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster.

My today's battle was luckily the combination of both, which is the Super Sneak rule set and in addition to that Sneak ability monster as well. I like this rule set quite a lot and few of the monsters comes into my mind whenever I get to see this Rule. I use sneak ability monsters often and whenever I get the chance. Among them the one with poison ability is my favorite( SKELETON ASSASSIN of death & SILVERSHIELD ASSASSIN of Life).

Rule-set for the game:

Super Sneak : All Melee attack monsters have the sneak ability
Rise of The commons : Only common and rare monsters maybe used in the battles
Mana : 21


Since the rule was super sneak and I was limited to work with only common and rare monsters, I went with Fire Deck. As it is not that high mana game I was planning to use as many low mana monsters as possible and with some effective abilities as well.


Battle link

My Lineup as follows :

Malric Inferno :

Since, it was a battle of Super Sneak rule, I wanted an additional Melee attack for my monsters for making the damage little more lethal. It seemed perfect for the time being.

Cerberus :

I like this monster a lot. Infact my early days savior was him. I was expecting some range attack monsters and this could take the hit the most in this deck and the healing ability and retaliate would be perfect in this place.

Exploding Dwarf :

Now there would be hard to find any gamer who does not like Exploding dwarf. With right rule set and position, this card can make the opponent fall into knees in the battlefield. It is my go to card when it comes to this rule and the other rule of Melee Mayham.

Kobold Miner :

This is the monster which has in deafult sneak ability. I normally use it in low mana games and since it fits the perfect position and the +3 melee attack seemed perfect for it as well. And the third position secures it as well for taking much of a hit of the opponent.

Serpentine Spy :

Along the Snipe ability, I also prefer the ability of opportunity. I try to use this ability card very often in my games. And it does comes in handy at most of the times. But sometimes the chicken attracts it attention too much and take it to a wrong path as we speak lol. But in this match it was perfect.

Furious Chicken :

While this was out there in case any opportunity monsters came out of hand and if the last monsters was taken care of this could act as a decoy for the time being.

Nothing to say about it but seems like I am hungry atm. Carrie are you ??? lol



Enchanted Defender:

This monster somehow reminds me of an anime. Can not remember which one but it does btw. While keeping it at last as because it has thorn ability and we know most of the attacks are going to hit him in the back, so seemed fair to keep it at last position.

That sums up the match. And if you want to know what happened click on the battle link above and have a peak on the match.

Did My strategy worked :


Yup, it did indeed. Like a charm.

I am not sure what change will I apply on the next game but I suppose I will go with more offensive team in the next match if the rules are similar and the mana cap is in my favor as well.

Do I use SNEAK often? :

Yes, I do. Whenever, the rule favors it, I go for it.

So that sums up the blog and I suppose, I should close the blog. And a big day ahead and looking forward to it. Good night/morning everybody. Stay well and be safe and play Splinterlands. If you do not have played splinterlands yet, then what are you waiting for, check it out from the link below!!

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Best regards


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