Steem Women Club #38 CONTEST | ' Refreshing Recipes ' “🍹 “🥶

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Hello Steem Women Club Community

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We are back to great competitions. 💃💃💃
This is not an engagement contest. However, depending on the quality of your contest submissions, you may receive votes from the curators.

Steem women club Contest38 Topic;

Refreshing Summer Recipes “🍨🥶

If we consider most of the northern hemisphere of the world, we can see that the weather is warming up and summer is coming. In fact, some countries always live in the summer. In this period, we are longing for the recipes that make us cool and make us say oh. That's why the fun recipe contest has started for you.


Contest Tips

• Share cold recipes

• Beverage, ice cream, cold cake,

•any recipe you make in the summer

•Everything is included.


Contest Rules

The competition is valid until June 7 - June 17, UTC time 00;00.

•Your contest title Steem Women club Contest#38 | Your title |

•Share in Steem women club community

•Competition text should be at least 250 words.

•Your article should not contain any plagiarism.

•The text or pictures must belong to you.

•The important tags of the competition #womenclubrecipe #steemwomenclub #steemexclusive

•Participants must follow club5050 or club75 or club100 as appropriate. Use the appropriate label for the club.

•Bots, vote buying etc. should not be used.

• At least 30 sp delegation to the Steem women club community

•Comment to users participating in the contest

•Follow svm038 and steemwomen club accounts.

• resteem this contest announcement.

•Tag your friends

If you want to add beneficiaries to your posts, you just have to add -steemwomenclub official account. If you add beneficiary accounts other than the official account, you will not be able to win the contest.

note Delegation is not required for users who do not have sp/steem/sbd in their wallet.


Competition Awards

  1. Winner booming vote
    2.Winner booming vote
    3.Winner booming vote
    4.Winner booming vote
    5.Winner booming vote


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İnstagram Account: Steem WOmen Club

Twitter Account:Steemwomenclub

Blog Site : Site

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Wow, what an amazing contest I'll take part in it definitely

this is a great contest congratulations

Another interesting contest. I'll try and make an entry soonest

Hey hey, another lovely competition. Hum... will try in the future.

wow this is an amazing contest
definitely participate in it.

I will do it my entry. Keep it up Friends 😀

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Thank you for organizing this amazing contest!

I'm delighted to participate in it. Here is my entry;

Another mind blowing contest, I shall do this one

Hola soy nueva en la plataforma por lo tanto no cuento con sp si puedo participar así gracias.. @club de mujeres steem

Thanks to steem women club that organized this amazing contest.