Daily Dynamics. Sunday: 🍵 How to make a delicious relaxing tea 🍵 [TUTORIAL]

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Hello, sister ❤️

In this new opportunity I bring you a delicious medicinal tea that you will love and not only for its taste, but also for its wonderful benefits, so please take note and do not fail to prepare it.

This wonderful tea is ideal for controlling the blood pressure of our body also, for its great relaxing capacity, fights insomnia helping to improve our sleep hours and also strengthens the functioning of the joints. Great, isn't it?

🍵 Relaxing tea 🍵


To prepare this delicious tea we will need:

  • (1) Parchita
  • (2) Pieces Pineapple shell
  • (7) Malojillo leaves
  • Sugar or honey

Before going straight to the preparation I would like to tell you about the ingredients of this tea and why it can be so relaxing:

Passion fruitIs an ideal fruit to combat anxiety, palpitations, hypertension, tachycardia, migraine, vertigo, gastric ulcers, it also acts as an energizer and is effective for weight loss.
Passion fruit
Pineapple shellI acts as a wonderful anti-inflammatory, also prevents indigestion, balances cholesterol and is diuretic.
Pineapple shell
MalojilloIs a plant that contains 99 calories, zero degrees and cholesterol, 25 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram protein, is 100% effective for detoxification.

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Preparation (step by step)

Before we start, we wash the fruits very well with plenty of water, to avoid any small disease, since many times in the rich fruits there are small parasites that we cannot see with the naked eye.

Step 1

First, we divide the passion fruit in two with the help of a clean knife, and so, we extract this delicious pulp, creamed it was very delicious. The passion fruit is also known in my city as "parchita".

paso1 1.jpeg

paso1 2.jpeg

paso1 3.jpeg

Step 2

Now, and very carefully remove the peel of the pineapple with the help of a knife and a wooden board. I love pineapple but for this tea we will only use the peel which contains many beneficial properties for our health.

paso2 0.jpeg

paso2 3.jpeg

paso2 1.jpeg

Step 3

Next, we cut into pieces our branches or leaves of malojillo, and thus we will have ready our three ingredients for this perfect and relaxing tea.

paso3 1.jpeg

paso3 2.jpeg

paso3 3.jpeg

Step 4

Then, add one liter of water to a glass container and add each ingredient. Then we let it cook over medium heat until it boils.

After it is boiling, remove the tea from the stove and let it stand for a few minutes until it becomes lukewarm.

paso 43.jpeg

paso 41.jpeg

paso 42.jpeg

paso4 2.jpeg

paso4 1.jpeg

Step 5

Once it is lukewarm, serve in a cup and add a teaspoon of sugar and enjoy this relaxing and delicious tea!

paso5 4.jpeg

paso5 2.jpeg



🍵 Relaxing tea | by @saracampero (Dec, 2021) Anzoategui, Venezuela

What are you waiting for to make your own relaxing tea? This wonderful tea is super magical and very easy to make, in addition, it is ideal to control the blood pressure of our body also helps us to combat insomnia by improving our sleep hours and also strengthens the joints... Great, isn't it?

Thank you very much for coming to enjoy my blog, I hope you liked it and that you come back soon. Until next time ❤️





✯ Saracampero ✯

Regards 👋👋
Country Representative Venezuela
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Hola amiga ...este té se ve que es delicioso y muy relajante ... lo estaré preparando, parchita y piña ricas frutas ... bendiciones !

Hola amiga, este te es lo máximo, no dejes de prepararlo... Gracias por tu Linda visita... XD

Hola amiga Sara, éste te debe ser relajante incluso con el aroma, me gusta que tenga parchita 😍 me gustan mucho los cítricos, gracias por compartir éste maravilloso te con nosotras, por cierto el agua de la concha de piña para mí es lo máximo 😎👍🏽 saludos linda

Hola amiga, no dejes de preparar este te, te va a encantar.. muchas gracias por tu visita, un abrazo!

Amiga se ve realmente delicioso. Yo lo he tomado solo con la cáscara de piña, voy a probarlo así. Exitos y Bendiciones.

Hola amiga, es realmente delicioso jaja, yo no soy amante del té pero este tiene un sabor especial.. gracias por tu linda visita

Excelente amiga.
Ese té se ve muy delicioso por sus ingredientes jeje.
Pronto lo haré por qué en ocasiones son muy necesarios!
Gracias por compartir.

Hola amiga, no dejes de preparlo, te va a encantar, gracias por tu linda visita...

이것은 좋은 게시물입니다, 만나서 반가워요. 내 게시물과 상호 작용하십시오

hi dear thanks for your visit!


Amiga se ve muy rico, no lo he probado así con parchita.

Hola lilii, es delicioso la parchita le da un toque genial. Gracias por tu linda visita..

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Hola amiga, la verdad no sabia que la parchita se podía utilizar para hacer y mucho menos que servía para bajar de peso, ya se para usarlo en mi dieta, ya que necesito bajar 6 kg, muchas gracias por compartir con nosotros.

Hola amiga, genial espero que te sirva para tu dieta! Gracias por tu linda visita..

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Ho1a, me gusto 1a preparación de1 té...

Hola amiga, es deliciosisimo y además medicinal...
Gracias por tu visita..

this is worth a try❤️

Amiga, no te vas a arrepentir!! Gracias por tu visita..

Hola amiga este te se ve bueno, saludable y relajante el malojillo con parchita debe ser aún más rico saludos ❤️

Hola hermosa, este té es delicioso pruébalo... Gracias por tu linda visita...

Wow,it's definitely worth trying. Thanks for sharing

Si que lo vale amiga, gracias por tu linda visita... Saludos!

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Sweet . It's good but apart from pineapples, I haven't seen the other ingredients. Well done