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Good Morning all steemit friends , how are you guys today, hopefully in good health and well.

And today i want to share some pictures of my diary game Today 26.11.2021



In the morning my routine is still the same as usual I wake up at 05:20 to do the dawn prayer two rak'ahs after praying I sleep for a while because it's still very dark outside, after waking up again at 07:30 I continue to do my work as a woman to clean the house and wash my dirty clothes and also cook for the day




At 12.30 the call to prayer for the midday prayer was clearly heard in the mosque near my house. After the call to prayer was finished, I went to take a shower and prayed the midday prayer for four rak'ahs, after the prayer I had lunch and for lunch today I only cooked fried fish and sambal pliek, and after lunch, I accompanying my nephew for a while watching his favorite movie Spongebob as usual my nephew fell asleep watching tv then I carried him and put him to bed mom's room, after my nephew fell asleep I also went to my room to sleep for a while because there was no other work too




After waking up at 16:00 i saw my sister and her husband going out so i asked my sister where she was going she said she went to the market to buy some sewing stuff so i told her to buy my favorite drink and also some fried snacks because in the afternoon is the right time to sit back while enjoying fried foods.

After that my sister went and I also took my towel to take a shower and pray asr four rakaat, after prayer after my sister had come home from the market brought my order so I sat relaxed enjoying drinks and fried food while enjoying the breeze in the afternoon.


When I was sitting relaxing enjoying fried food suddenly my other sister came home with her children and grandchildren while out taking her grandchildren for an afternoon walk so we chatted for a while before they went home.




I didn't realize the clock was showing 18:20 and the Maghrib call to prayer was also heard in the mosque. I went to the bathroom to take ablution water and pray three rak'ahs of Maghrib, after Maghrib prayer, my husband came home from work and brought some of my favorite donuts and I too made a cold cappuccino to enjoy it with donuts while watching tv and my husband went to a nearby coffee shop for coffee with his friend.

After watching TV it was already 22:30 I went to take ablution water and prayed Isha four rakaat, after Isha prayer I went to my room and rested, this is my daily life on today, thank you for visiting and reading it, have a nice day.

Greetings @pecintabunga20

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Excelente día, amiga! Saludos! Fuerte abrazo!