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Hello Beautiful Women of Steem Women Club

Greetings all, I am @novaamalia and this is my forth post in the SteemWomen Club community, It's been more than two weeks since I haven't made a post because I'm busy with work outside Steemit, and from today onwards I will try to be more active in this community and share valuable information about great women to all beautiful women. In this post, I still discussing about the woman who become an important figure in the world of technology and managed to have a positive influence on many people.

About Zoe Adamovicz

Zoe Adamovicz is a woman from Berlin whose name is included in the Forbes Top 50 European Women in Technology, she is the CEO and Co-Founder of Neufund, a Blockchain technology platform that has been established in 2016. This woman has an educational background in Computer Science, Sociology, and Ayurvedic Medicine from several campuses, namely Humboldt-Universitat Zu Berlin, Uniwersytet Warszawski, and Politechnika Warszawska.

Zoe Adamovicz figure is known as a German woman who succeeded in being a pioneer in the world of technology by becoming a CEO and Co-Founder and successfully proving to the world that women can also be pioneers in the world of technology and compete with men. What amazes me about this woman is that she speaks 5 languages, namely English, French, Italian, Polish, and Spanish. Zoe has been the CEO and Co-founder of Neufund for more than 5 years and has succeeded in bringing her platform to get investors as much as 14 million USD in 2016, besides that this woman also serves as Co-Founder & Management Board at the Berlin-based Software company, Concise Software.

Zoe Adamovicz is very passionate about developing a business in the world of technology that can have a big impact on many people by putting forward a positive message and at the same time being profitable and strong to face the competition in the technology business which is growing day by day.

In 2018 she became one of the women who got the title one of the five-rock stars in Blockchain which made her name even more famous and changed the perspective of men out there that there are women who have a great power to influence the Fintech world.

About Neufund


Neufund is one of the Blockchain projects that made Zoe Adamovicz known in the public community because she was the CEO and Co-Founder of this platform for almost five years and managed to make this project run smoothly, from the information I got from the official website Neufund.org that in 2016 they launched a user-friendly Blockchain platform to be used as a means of investment and fundraising.

Neufund then became the platform that became the first place to offer fully using the Blockchain network, then they managed to launch a mobile application that supports securities tokens used to invest, and in 2022 Neufund spent 20M Euro for their platform, and managed to get 11k investors in more 100 countries.

Since its launch in 2016 Neufund has managed to become a platform that is widely used by investors to invest and also raise funds, unfortunately, this big project is officially on the Neufund page saying that they are closing all platforms with a heavy heart being announced through their website.

Although previously this platform ran smoothly and managed to have high achievements, they closed all of their platforms, even though this platform has never experienced technical problems, rules, and security breaches.

They say that fundraising platforms that are already operating well-using blockchain technology still have regulatory deficiencies and legal uncertainties that make them hesitant to proceed. Even though a project as good as this had to be closed, all parties from Neufund would like to thank the community who continued to support this project from the start until it was successful until it finally had to close suddenly.

Neufund leaves the market with a heavy heart, but their mission will never die, they believe that digital securities will be the future of technology in finance, and the process will make a place in a bright future. Comfort is the enemy of progress.


Zoe Adamovicz did not stop at Neufund, she is still the CEO and Co-Founder of several other technology projects, what happened at Neufund did not discourage her from pursuing her dream as a woman who can influence technology and have a positive impact on the whole society.

Every journey will surely be accompanied by failure and also uncertainty, we must keep trying and keep moving forward so that a bright future comes to us with a smile.


In this post, we can find out that there are many women out there who becomes the leader or the main person in the world of technology and I believe that every human being who strives earnestly to achieve something and does not give up despite being hit by many problems will become a successful person in the future.

Every woman has the same rights and authority to be whatever they want, not to mention being a leader, the stereotype about women being subordinate to men often becomes a barrier for women who have big dreams to change the world. The point is to keep the passion to realize the dream of becoming a powerful woman without the need to bring down each other gender, because every human being, both women and man has the same rights to get what they want in this life.

Zoe Adamovicz did not stop at Neufund, she is still the CEO and Co-Founder of several other technology projects, what happened at Neufund did not discourage her from pursuing her dream as a woman who can influence technology and have a positive impact on the whole society.

I just want to say thank you to the mods @steemwomensclub @svm038 @nadiaturrina who always support the members in the community so that women can express themselves according to their interests and hobbies to make quality writing, hopefully in the future I can continue to make positive contributions to this community.

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