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Hello ladies,

I hope you all are well. Today I am going to tell you about a wall decoration I made. I made the wall hanging from egg shells and cardboard. Its step-by-step I have explained below.


Materials :-


• Egg shells
• A piece of cardboard
• Old news papers
• The paint ( pink and black colour )
• A small brush
• A scissor
• Flower leaves
• Glue
• A light colour A4 paper ( white or light yellow )
• A few white beads

Step 01 :-

First, wash and clean the egg shells and cut them into one shape.


Step 02 :-

Then paint the inside of the egg shells with pink paint.


Step 03 :-

Once the paint has dried, glue the white beads in the center of the egg shell. These egg shells are arranged like flowers and I add them to the wall hanging.

Flowers made of egg shells

Step 04 :-

Then take the few pages of old newspapers and roll them up as follows. We need 8 rolls of paper for our wall decoration.


Step 05 :-

Now these eight rolls of paper paint black colour and leave to dry.


Step 06 :-

Then cut the piece of cardboard slightly larger than the size of A4 paper and glue the A4 paper on it.


Step 07 :-

Now glue the coloured paper rolls of made above to the four sides of the cardboard two at a time.

This is the frame of the wall decoration. Now all I have to do is attach the egg shell flowers and leaves to it.

Step 08 :-

Now attach the seven egg shell flowers prepared above to this frame.


Step 09 :-

As a final step, glue the flower leaves around the flower.


Final look

This is the complete look of the made wall decoration I received at the end of all the steps.

I hope you enjoyed my article.

Thank you..... 💗💗

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Thank you so much @daytona75

Good to see u again that you start making craft. I am always wait for your handicrafts. You have something special in your hand. Best of luck dear.

Yes I started crafting again.

Day by day your talent in designing is growing, dear. With just simple ingredients you can produce extraordinary works. Thanks for sharing decorating inspiration. We really appreciate it.

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Thanks for the checking dear. You play a big role in this community.

What a wonderful handmade item you created, it's amazing.

Thanks dear ❤

You have made a nice wall hanging from egg shells which is unique. Well done.

Thank you sis ❤

Wow it is a very beautiful design. You have done it beautifully. I'm also trying to create it. Thanks for sharing with us.

Yes, you can try it. It is easy to make.