THE DIARY GAME FOR 28-02-2022; A VISIT TO MY NEW BUSINESS SITE. POWERED UP 60 STEEM|| 10% to @steemwomensclub

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Hello Friends

Wow! It feels good to be here once again after a long time. I have be busy with work. How are you all doing? I believe you are safe and sound where you are?? I have missed my family here and I came around today.

I will be sharing with you how my day was spent on Monday, 28/2/22. I had a very hectic day but I thank God it was a success. Please read through....


Since it was the last day of the month and the first working day in a week, I made plans over the weekend on how to go about my new week.

When I woke up, I felt a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen, but I didn't sense anything, so I over looked it. I sang songs of praise to God because I felt so good, I concluded it with a short prayer and made way to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, took my bath immediately and dressed up at once.

I didn't bother about breakfast, I just left to the salon. I opened up and started cleaning and arranging the place, it took me just 30mins to round off. I waited for sometime for my workers to arrive before I leave.

I left after the barber was done with the first customers hair, although while waiting, I was busy with my cellphone. I took a transit to my brothers house to pick up some stuffs. While on my way, I noticed a big company where diapers are either produced or sold, the diapers were too many inside, take a look........
The company with diapers

My brother was not at home but my cousin was so he opened up when I came. I went straight to the wardrobe to search for what I came to pickup. I also collected some receipts I needed.

The movie I saw

I didn't leave immediately after picking my stuffs, my cousin got me engaged with gist while we saw a movie. I realized myself when the power was ceased. I got up immediately and left. I took another transit to where I have an ungoing work.


When I got to the site, I noticed that the workers were working and the work is moving on smoothly. I sat down and waited for them because my presence was actually helping. The man that I paid for the job since 1month has been delaying the job. I watched them work as I try to some transactions that I needed to do.

After about 4 hour I spent there, the workers ran short of the material for work. But the man in charge requested I give him more money to go get the materials. I told him to buy with his money so when he returns, I will give him. He left to go buy the materials but he wasted time and that made the workers round off till the next day. I waited for him to return so that I can settle him before leaving.
The work in progress


I left by 6:45pm straight to the salon. I waited for them to round off with work before we close up. We closed up at exactly 8:50pm. I got home and and took my bath, boiled noddles and eggs for dinner, after eating I felt dizzy immediately but I managed to wait for the food to digest a while before I lay down.
My Dinner


I had a stressed day isn't it? Although I ate nothing while running around but thank goodness I was able to eat something at the end.

I hope you enjoyed reading my diary.....

A proof of my power up


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@ninapenda Hi
Just tag one club ?


Done ma @svm038 , Thank you.

Please, use at least 5 tags. Your country and any other one. @ninapenda

Done ma

Sorry for the pains I hope is not your monthly flow , I can see you had a wonderful day

You are on point ma'am 😉. Thank you for visiting my blog.

You really had a nice day, but can i have your noodles?

Only if it were possible from steemit.....😊

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Thank you so much. I will always invite my friends.

You spent your day wonderfully well. Please take it easy with work so you won't fall ill because health is wealth.
Thanks for sharing.

Exactly my dear. Am only trying to finish this phase and for sure,, I will rest.

You really had a great busy day. I like it when madams over workers and do their works. You cleaning the shop shows a wonderful corporation. Well done.

Most times when the workers do the cleaning, I don't feel comfortable with the way they did it that's why I pick out a day to do it myself. I enjoy it when I do it.

Thank you for visiting.....

That's great. Well done ok. Keep up the good work