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Hello my wonderful friends and fellow women in this amazing community for women, trust you all are doing great? I am too. Please, always be happy. I am back to share my activities with you for Wednesday, November 24, 2021. I enjoyed my day with my course mate, an old time friend. See how it all went


I had travelled on Tuesday to Aba, the commercial city of Abia state to fix my laptop that had been troubling me for a long time. I have been managing it because to get a new one now will cost not less than 900 steem. It has not been funny at all.

I called a friend and he said I should bring it down to the city. So I traveled to get it fixed. I left late from my city of residence so on getting to Aba, it was late and I had to sleep over. I then thought of visiting my old time friend who called me recently that they had moved to their own apartment since January. It had been a long time we saw and even spoke. I was so excited to hear the good news and so, on getting to the city, I called her and luckily, she invited me over to pass the night.

This is me in AKTC park, trying to board a vehicle to the city.

Well, on getting to her house, though the place was not too familiar but with the description she gave, it was easy to locate. It was an outskirt of the city so to speak but very wonderful environment., I saw her trying to dress the chicken she want to prepare for dinner. She rates life stock and has a garden in the compound. Her house is close to obikabia junction, Aba

This is her birds in her farm

This is the yummy meal she prepared and this is mine.

It was a wonderful reunion with her because it is close to 5 years if not more.

In the morning, the kids went to school, bit one came to me to bid me good by


She later took me round to see her crops and farm, they were doing great


Later, she told me to prepare my breakfast since she was a bit busy. I did. I went into the farm, got some fresh leafs and fresh pepper. Prepared omelette and took with tea


I was later ready to part with her, we gisted a lot and took some pictures. I then told her about steemit and how she can join. She said she will check it out later.


After I left there, I visited @focusnow at the steemit training center in Aba here. I didn't waste must time anyway, but I saw him and @samuel20 and we chatted a little before I left to pick my laptop from the repairer. He was already disturbing me to come and pick it.


As soon as I got my laptop, I quickly headed back to my city of residence because Wednesdays are for family worship and so, I had to be present. In the vehicle,, I was hungry and so I eat a little of the biscuit that @focusnow bought for me.


And for the family worship, I prepared fruit salad with the pawpaw my friend gave me while I was coming back. I combined paw with watermelon, banana, coconut, groundnuts and milk



As of today, I am still in club5050. See my transfers out and transfer to vesting below


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Thank you all.

Cc: @steemwomensclub
Cc: @svm038

Best regards from me
@ngoenyi, African representative.


This is my introductorypost here

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Hello @ngoenyi Can you check my achievement 3 and 4 assignments it's been a few weeks since I completed my achievement 3 and 4 assignments no one has checked.
Sorry if I intterupt your time.


Keep up with the the hard work mama @ngoenyi.
I must tell you, those milk look great.

Enjoyment Galore ma, thank God you were able to fix the laptop. Weldone

No be small enojoyement ooo chaii... I can really relate the joy when u get when u get you laptop fixe.

The feeling when we reunite with old friends is always priceless. And ma’am, sincerely my eyes are already full from seeing all the yummy dishes😋😋😋.

Ohhh and lest I forget, that pawpaw is so so healthy.

Thank you for sharing with us

Mamam your day was very busy ooo. You must be very tired. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

See the way your friend hosted you. Sha see enjoyment. Thank God youve been able to repair your laptop now. Laptop have turn to gold now oh.

That dress really looks good on you, you look more like a security personnel you had a very busy day, thanks for sharing with us here.

Very nice diary ma @ngoeyin

You really had a good day with your friend,. thank for sharing

Thank you for reading

nice captures dear❤️

Thank you dear sis