٭A lot of my drawings٭

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Hello everyone, everyone, today I will show you my pictures. all of them are portrait paintings drawn from the point of view of the human face. I'm looking at how much I've been working on portraits. I'm trying to improve it more and more every day. Everyone exaggerates my talent a lot. However, there are those who draw more beautifully than me.


These are my first paid portrait studies. Although it was my first work, they said it was fine, I don't know, because I see people who draw better than me, I consider the works that I draw a little small. But I'm trying to draw like those amazing drawing people I've seen. I practice and experience it every day. Sometimes I get tricks from famous painters. I'm watching tutorial videos. I'm thinking of taking courses for this. I want to improve myself, especially in this area. I want to be known in the world for my works. I think it could be my dream. I hope it will happen. I had a few more works, but I couldn't find them. I'll update it if I find it, folks. I would like to thank my teachers and friends who have supported me in this field very much.

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Holaaa, estoy muy buenos tus dibujos, tienes un gran talento y si sigues prácticando cada día será mejor, ya verás. Recuerda que la práctica hace el maestro. Mucho éxito para ti 🙌💪

This is very nice!!!

Q bonito tu retrato felicidades


Hermosos dibujos, amigo! Me encantaron! Quisiera algún día dibujar como tu. 😇

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