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Hello dear ladies and gentlemen in the community. Trust you are all doing great! As we have seen it's already the fourth week of the challenge and it's great to see that we've all made it to this level.
This week presents another beautiful theme to write on,we are asked to share the things we do to improve our lives and here I am about to share mine.

Below are some.if the things I do to improve myself:


Physical exercise

One thing I do to improve myself is engaging in physical exercise. This includes indoors and outdoor exercises such as playing soccer and jumping ropes.


Physical exercise helps me to be smarter and to think faster. It helps me in other ways such as the following:

  • Help to control my weight
  • Improves my mental health and mood
  • Helps me to think faster and smarter
  • Helps to boost self-esteem
  • And many more
IMG_20220515_163643_024~2.jpg Ready for soccer

I enjoy doing these physical exercises, in addition to being good for my health, they are also very fun especially when it's done in groups...

Are you dealing with stress or anxiety? I advice you to engage more in physical exercises, doing so will help you to be relieved and to keep your mind calm...

Healthy foods and drinks

Since I have know the Importance of keeping healthy, I've resolved to eat nutritious meals with lots of vegetables in them.


Vegetables helps in many ways, they provide lots of nutrients in our body and the help to nourish the skin and keep us healthy.
I also like the fact that they make the meals even more delicious...which makes it easier to consume for me.

Enough fruits

Eating fruit is also another strategy in which I try to improve myself.


Here I take.a lot fruits and it has helped me in many ways.
The benefits waring fruits are as Follows:
Fruits help to keep us healthy and to provide nourishment for our skin.

It's important to take enough fruits everyday android Gus will help keep us healthier...


Another thing that helps me to stay healthy and to improve myself is keeping smiling faces.


We may not know it but there are lots of benefits that comes with smiling.
It helps me to maintain happiness and inner joy for me and this has been very effective.

Smiling does the following things to us:

  • Help to cope with stress
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure
  • Elevates mood
  • Helps us love longer on earth

Moderate habits

To stay healthy, I try to do things in moderation. I make sure not to eat in excess, drink in excess or do any other thing in excess.


Doing things in excess may cost us a lot of things. We may gain too much weight, increased anxiety, high blood pressure and more. It is always adviceable to be moderate in habit in everything we do.

Recommendations on how to improve health in general

There are a lot of things we can do in order to stay healthy and happier. Below are a few recommendations for you:

  • Exercise daily
  • Be moderate in habits
  • Get enough rest
  • Eat good food
  • Drink enough water everyday

It true that it may be a real struggle to apply this routine to stay healthy especially for young ones. Even I find some of them difficult to apply, for example getting enough rest has been a challenge for me...but I'm learning everyday to improve my life for the better.

Let's remember that a healthy life makes a happy life...and to gain wealth we have to gain health first

Knowing all of these should move us to take good care of ourselves and live healthy everyday.


Thank you dear for coming to read my post today, it's a pleasure to share with you and I'm happy that we have made it to the fourth week of this challenge

I invite the following to participate in the contest:

The below is the link to the challenge:

Steemit Engagement Contest4 ; Describe what you do for personal development“📙 👩👨 #swcengagement4


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Muy bien, mi bella: ejercitarse y alimentarse correctamente... eso te dará una vida plena en salud
Lo de mantenerte sonriendo es tan hermoso...
te felicito y deseo que en todo te vaya bien

Thank you very much my beautiful friend, all of these I must keep doing to maintain a good health. I appreciate your visit 🌹

Siempre es revitalizante ejercitarnos, llevar una vida tranquila y sonreír pese a todo, esto en conjunto con comer bien y tener menos excesos y adicciones. Son buenas actividades que todos deberíamos tomar en cuenta.

Te queda muy bien el uniforme campeona. Saludos Mary.

Hello dear friend Vivi, those are the things I have learnt to do to stay fit and healthy, yes they are very good exercises. The only thing I must work on now is getting enough sleep

Thank you for your visit, I really like the uniform too. Greetings 🌺

Doing exercises and having a healthy meal is a really good way of improving oneself. Happy to hear that you are a soccer player. I played soccer ⚽ for 13 years and now with my job I have no time to spend on an outdoor sport.

It's great to know that you also play soccer, it's a very good exercise I'm still learning how to do it well but I enjoy the fun part of it.

Wow it's,love to see that you play soccer. It's scares to see female involve in soccer. This is great. And you have listed some very interesting topics there like eating. And not just eating but eating healthy, it is lovely.

Thank you for sharing, you can also engage with my through My link

Hahah, why does it scare you? I think there is no gender limitations to playing soccer. Thank you for your visit and sharing your post with me

Wow! Footballer! Your wing?

You have discussed some things you do to improve yourself. It is good to stay fit and healthy. Well-done

I love to play football, but I don't know how to play expertly.
I agree with you that it's good to stay fit and healthy. Thank you so much for your kind words

You are welcome.

You've written so well about Ways To Improve yourself as a woman, and all your point are valid, it will definitely help anyone to stay healthy and happy. Thanks for the invite dear. MY entry is loading...

Thank you so much dear sister for your comment. Knowing that I did well from you makes me happy. I hope to read your entry soon...

Gracias por la invitación amiguita eso sí que es genial es muy importante este tema

Of course my friend 😊, very important

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Help to cope with stress
Helps to reduce blood pressure
Elevates mood
Helps us live longer on earth

Smiling indeed helps too elavates mood. You can't keep smiling and remain wore out.

Thank you for sharing some of the things you do for personal care or development. You have made a very neat well organized presentation. I wish you good luck.

Kind regards!

Happy to know that from you. Thank you for your encouragement, it moves me to continue

You've got a great balance going between Steemit and your personal life. Nice!
It is so important to take care of yourself and the best way to do it is to do things that you feel good in.
Good luck for the contest!

Thanks for your good wishes my dear friend, they mean a lot to me whenever you say it in my posts. Best wishes!

Physical exercise is what I'm still not doing 😂
You're doing nice things on the path to personal development mom.

Fruits are very good for us and so is smiling. It helps in ways we may not even think.

Thanks for the recommendations

Thise are the things that must be done to keep fit and healthy.

It's not always easy to do physical activities are you say, for my part it is getting enough sleep that is my problem. I we can be able to overcome these things and help ourselves.

Thank you for visiting 🌺

Yeah i get it.
You're welcome and thanks too