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Hello there and welcome to today's episode of "Journey to aesthetics " remember today we promised to talk about The woman of value so we'll centre more in the qualities and actions of such a woman, so quickly let's get over it.

A woman of value is where she's valued

A woman of value is never where she is not valued nor appreciated. Most times we hear the tales of a man who sent his son to ask about the price of a precious stone at a market, a book store, a blacksmith and a goldsmith.

While the market women offered ridiculous prices and the bookstore and blacksmith a meagre amount. The goldsmith knew the real worth of the stone and offered a huge amount of money for it.

In essence the stone was priced with the highest amount where it's most valued and appreciated. Practically, a woman of value avails herself where she finds value and respect, this might not be a physical place sometimes, it could be situations or discussions that threaten your self respect. The Holy book(bible) advises us not to sit in the sit of scoffers, if we were to be in such situation or a discussion full of gossips, we would only be loosing our self respect and value.

Many of us have our different experiences of how we came to know Steemit. For me it was through being where I was appreciated and valued. permit me to share this personal experience

I started off writing at a tender age, I was more of poetry and as time went I always wanted people to see my work so I kept showing people my write-ups but then they'll give comments like " oh great, keep on, nice one" and many other nice words.

Gradually, I migrated to WhatsApp and finally I decided to post a couple of them on my Facebook and boom💥💥that's when I got to know that you may be appreciated, but your real value depends on where you are.

Though I used to be a bit skeptical of posting on Facebook after a few poetry I got connected to like minds, I met fellow writers and bloggers who not only inspired me but also tipped me some essential writing skills and moreover it was from there that someone who is @jereblak got to introduce me to Steemit after seeing my posts on facebook. Now if I must say, amongst all the people and places I showcased my write-ups I was most valued at the latter place.

A woman of value is vitreous

Looking at the quality virtue this has to do with moral excellency, value energy, power, courage, strength, integrity, chastity, efficacy, worth, valor and many more.

I won't take it all individually, but as a woman of value, you should be able to be courageous and stand for the defense of good, you should be bold and ever ready to always take the bull by the horn when situation requires, you need to always know your worth and act towards protecting your reputation and integrity at all times

A woman of value knows her limit.

Yes, know your limit. You should exercise strength, vigor. Power and influence doesnt mean you should over do. You need to recognize your ability and limitations sometimes you might be capable Of a task, but you need to step down for others sometimes. You need to let people have their ways sometimes not always finding your right in every situation. That is a quality of a woman of value.

A woman of value comports herself and is rational

Rational in this case is using your head and conscience not unnecessarily thrown off balance by emotion. Being overly emotional will only be a detriment to your ability to use your head and think strategically and rationally. Being overly emotional will cloud your sense of proper reasoning. Imagines woman who brings emotion into her business. That'll make you start giving unnecessary discount and commissions and give away till your business collapses. I'm not saying you should be insensitive, I'm saying use your head and avoid letting emotions cloud your reasoning

There are many other instances where emotions affects our life but in effect, a woman of value is thoughtful, not insensitive and never swept away by emotions.

A woman of value is strong willed

Remember we talked about strength and moral excellence and courage and vigor to be virtues.

A woman of value uses her strength and vigor alongside will power to get to her most, she stops at nothing to get where she wants to but she is also contented. Do not limit your self to where you are, a woman of value spreads her tentacles but do not do more than you should. Yes I mean do not go extreme just to get what you want for a selfish interest. That is to say, do not limit yourself but know your limit ( smiles).

I wish I could exhaust all I have to say to this beautiful woman of value who is probably reading this but I'll stop here and reserve the rest for next time though I won't tip you of what our next episode of "journey to aesthetics" brings. I just can't help but to say I personally look forward to it. So see you there next week here in steemwomenclub;

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Your story has scatter me, a woman of value knows her worth. Set standard and go your way. Thank you my friend for the tips


You are very correct o. She sets her standards and sticks to her principle no matter what

A woman of value is indeed virtuous, knows her limit, strong-willed and comports herself. You have explained in details how she can do that. Thanks for sharing

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Very well ma. Im glad you read through it

A woman of value knows her worth, she does not alloa anyone pull her down. She is strong, valient and confident. Thank you for these powerful description about women.

My pleasure. 😊 im sure you are a woman of value

Gosh I almost missed this post🙈
Thank you for sharing the 6th post with us.
When I read your post I can say; “I am a proud women!”.
Thank you for another great post!

Glad you didn't miss it. And of course you are one your post says it all.

Awh thank you 🌼