#club5050 Diary Game: 8-6-2022 Buying a New Helmet @jes88 + 25% @null

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Good day all ladies, I am glad to read more post about women's activities worldwide. Now, it's my turn to also share my diary game.


It was six weeks from now after I gave birth. After 2 weeks of rest, I decided to ride and drive has been my old little scooter after 7 months of unused. There is a need for a rigid maintenance that is why I brought the scooter to the shop for some fixing and it was repaired already. Now the next problem is my old helmet has been tattered. It is bot allowed in our country to drive without a helmet or else if caught by personnel, the motorcycle will be confiscated and will be penalized.

I visited a helmet shop to find an affordable helmet. There are many new arrivals of helmet but cost very expensive. I turn my head to affordable edition wherein I can protect my head while driving and cannot violate road rules.


I find one in a corner of simple helmet. I chose this style, half-faced cover and simple black. This costs P 650.00 or approximately equal to 50 steems. It has a free white thin helmet bag. After the purchase, I immediately used the helmet in going home.


Here I am ready to go home. I am very comfortable with this helmet because of thick inner cover and sturdy outer cover. I am very comfortable driving with a required helmet because it can save my life while on my way to somewhere very important businesses. Aside from that, I am submitting my self to the traffic and road rules not only for my safety but for the whole motorists.

This has been my diary game today, I am inviting @junebride @sweetspicy @georgie84 to share what happen today in their activities.

25% set post pay-out to @null

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Congratulations on your safe delivery. I have never worn an helmet but from the image it seems like it also keeps the ears protected from noise or excessive air while riding.

It is every citizen's responsibility to be law abiding and you are doing the right thing.

Exactly. Helmwt also protects our head in case of accident

Wow that helmet is very nice. I am also looking forward to buying a similar helmet.