Nail time (step by step edition)

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That day i did four nail designs within five hours. I was on fire and i couldn't stop of thinking new designs. The next day i was positive to covid so i couldn't do them on me or on my mom's nails.


Products that i used:

  • base/non wipe top coat
  • two shades of purple gel polishes
  • brown gel polish
  • white gel polish
  • a tip
  • two different sizes of dotting tools
  • a thin liner brush



First i applied the base coat.


Then two layers of the pastel purple gel polish.

1st layer

2nd layer

Then on my palette i put a drop of the brown gel polish.


With the liner brush i created the branches.


Then on my palette i put some of the white and the darker purple gel polish.


With the dotting tool i created some of the flowers. I fully cured them to make sure that every flower will stay in place until i do the rest of them.


Then i did the rest of them.


With the smaller dotting tool i mixed some of the darker purple gel polish with white and i created a center.


After cleaning the thin liner brush, i made small lines from the center to the edge but without covering the white completely.


Then with the smallest dotting tool and the darker purple gel polish, i did the center more visible with simple dots. Three to four are fine.


Photos by @georgia11

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