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Hello steemians,

Good day to you all and hope you had a lovely day at work, school or at your business environment? Well, mine is going well, I had free time at work today so I decided to drop this interesting tutorial post here.

This post will be very useful and beneficial to my steem women and some men who are into women beautification and needs a side hustle.

My last post was about my business experience both while in school and out of school, those were my past experiences, I am yet to share some new experience to the you guys.

Well, while pondering on somethings today at work about the unemployment in my country, Nigeria and how one can create job opportunities today, I decided to share this skill that pays me alot of money, Hair revamping.


The good thing here is that we must not want to do this as a business before we learn how to do it. Women can learn this to for their personal benefit.

What is Hair Revamping

Hair revamping is the washing of wigs and hair bundles just like we wash out natural hair, to restore its original look. It sounds simple right? Yes it is but you need to know more about it if we want to run it as a business.

Just like most women go to the salon to wash and set their hair to make it look nice or curly, weavons and wigs needs to be washed. Some people hasn't seen washing of wigs as an important thing for women and that's why I am bringing this to the table. Aunty, wash your smelling wigs and weavons.

Why does your wig need revamping?

• Your expensively bought wigs will spoil if you don't revamp them.

• It will loose its original texture, from soft and silk to sponge and tangle.

• It will also look dry and dusty when you wear them and will shred out leaving you wig cap empty.

Why should one join this business?

• Not every one no about hair revamping now

• It is very lucrative.

• It is the new oil well now for easy money cash out

• It is very easy to do.

• You don't need a shop, you can do it in the comfort of your home🤷.

I revamp wigs for as low as #1000 (almost 8 steem). Imagine that I get 5 wigs to revamp in a day, that will be #5000 made in just one day and #20000 made in a week. So you see, it is a good business that is only if you know what you are doing in the business of, people will definitely come to you.


We have 3 popular categories of hairs

• Human hair
• Human hair blend
• Synthetic /fibre hair

These three hairs are sold at different price range and has different life span useage.

Human Hair

Human hairs usually come in a natural color know as color 1b, it can be bleached, it can be curled or straightened, it has a natural scent and it is very expensive. So you see, you can't buy a hair of #150,000 (more than 1000 steem) and allow it to spoil because you don't know how to revamp your hair.

How to identify human hair using the burning test:

Cut out a small piece of the hair bundle or wig and burn it with a match stick, if it turns to ashes (human hair ☑️). You can also try out this test by cutting out a portion of your natural hair and burn it, it will turn to ash too(human hair present☑️).


Human hair blends like the name implies is a mixture of human hair and synthetic hair (also known as packet hair). Hair blends looks like human hair and only hair pros can identify them.
You'd be a pro by the end of this class.

Human hair blends are steam and chemically processed, coated with silicon mix such that the hair will be soft and silky. It has a short life span (1yr ,2yrs)

How to identify human hair blends using the burning test:

Cut out a small piece of the hair bundle or wig and burn it, if it has a mixture of ashes and formed hair balls then human hair and synthetic hair is present☑️.


They are made up of fibre and it doesn't last. It can not be dyed or bleached or curled or straightened.

How to identify synthetic hair using the burning test:

Cut out a small piece of the hair bundle or wig and burn it..if it forms hair balls or clot then synthetic hair or fibre hair is present☑️



This is a wide tooth comb, it is used to detangle the hair before washing and while washing.


This is used to revitalize the hair


This is used to wash away dirt and oil accumulated on the hair.


This is a dummy head, it is used to place the wig for styling.


This is a hair straightener, it is used to straighten the hair.


This is a hair dryer, it is used to dry the hair although it is in rare cases


This is a leave-in conditioner, it is applied on the hair after conditioner.


These are pins, they are used to hold the hair on the dummy head so it doesn't move.



Before revamping

• Detangle the hair using the wide tooth comb. Start from the ends of the hair and comb through into the hair and to the root of the hair. Do not start from the root to avoid breakage.

• Wash the hair under a running tap with the shampoo, do not squeeze. Do not use hot water.

• Apply the conditioner and still wash the running water.

• Dry the hair on a wig stand. Do not dry your hair on a dummy head because it might affect your wig cap.

• At this point, the hair is clean for styling. After the leave-in conditioner.

• You can straighten and curl the hair at this point.

Boom! Your hair is back to life and new again


After revamping

This is the only thing you have to do for one wig and get your cool #1000 - #5000 depending on the type of hair texture it is. Human hair is always the highest paid for while revamping. You can charge up to #5000 for revamping a human hair.

I hope this post was helpful and let me know if you need more class on this business niche.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Beetees 💓


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