Contest#31 Donuts recipe for New years celebration contest || by @attiyaasghar | 10% beneficiaries to @steemwomensclub | 28-13-2021

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10% beneficiaries to @steemwomensclub

Hello beautiful ladies out there! This is Attiya from Pakistan. Today i am here to participate in the contest organized by @steemwomensclub for the new years celebration. This contest is about sharing a cake or any food recipe which we can make for our friends and family to celebrate the festivities of new year. Hence i have come up with a sweet donuts recipe for you all. So let's make it.


First of all the things you will need to make donuts are very simple easy and readily available to you in your kitchen. The list of ingredients to make donuts are as follows



Meda (flour)2 cup
Milk3/4th cup
Yeast1/2 tbsp


There are total of 3 steps in making dough for donuts.

1st step

  • Mix 2 cups of sieved flour with 2 tbsp of sugar.

2nd step

  • warm the milk in a pan ,then add the above mentioned amount of yeast into it. Let it rest for few minutes.

3rd step

  • Mix the melted butter and an egg together.

4rth step

  • Mix the egg and prepared milk mixture into the flour and knead the dough very well. Rest the dough in a warm place for the next 3 hours untilk the dough is rised well.
1st step
2nd step
3rd step
4rth step


  • To make donuts, first you need to roll out the kneaded dough, then cut the donut shapes using cutters. The thickness of dough should be around 1inch. I used a glass and a lid of a jar to make the shape of donuts. Here you can see below

  • Put the prepared donuts aside for 10 to 20 minutes to make them little rise. Afterwards fry them in oil. Which is set under high flame. Before adding donuts in oil, lower the temperature. Fry all the donuts by changing sides ups and downs continuously.


For final presentation, I used chocolate syrup and condensed milk. We can also make chocolate sauce, but i preferred syrup instead of sauce. I dipped the donuts into the syrup and then added little condensed milk using a backside of spoon.

I clicked the pictures using a new years snapchat filter to make it speciall for new years contest. Moreover, i used a paper note with #steemwomensclub tag over it. Here below is the final look.



I hope you like it. Thank u all. I would like to invite @suboohi @arinaz08 and @afifaasif

Kind regards



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Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe. I don't like sweets much but I will try it for my nephews.

I am glad to know that 😍
Thank you dear

Yammy 😋😋😋 I really like your recipe
I am also made donuts at home .
All the best for contest👍👍.

Thank you dear❤

My pleasure
Please add your post Link on contest post

Ohh yeah...thank you so much for reminding me...i literally forgot

No need for thanks 😊😊

You shared yummy recipe of dounut, I will try this recipe my kids will really enjoyed

Thank you so much❤

You have shared easy way of making donuts I will Try it soon 😃 💗looks yummy 🤤

Thanks buddy🤗❤️

Yummy food. My mother loves to eat chocolate related sweets. I will try it for my mom.

Glad to hear it. Thank you so much ❤️