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Assalam u alikum all the pretty women :)

This is Aniqa Mashkoor from Pakistan. Hope so you all will be doing well and will be enjoying this contest series by @steemitblog and a shoutout to @steemwomenclub for this lovely topic. Today I'll be writing about the Important man in my Life and will be discussing why is he so important to me.

Being human and living in this social world, we all have a huge network of different humans around us. And the best part is many of them are important for us but choosing only one person was quite difficult. But afterthought of a moment, there was only one name that came to my mind and that is my father :)

My dad.jpg

For me, my father is the most important person and I love him with all my heart for all the sacrifices he has done for us. Baba, is like a friend to me, a mentor, a guide, and a perfect support system. I am blessed to have him by my side. May Allah grant him complete health in the future too. I have boundaries with him but I guess to have a bonding with your dad that you can discuss all the things easily is a blessing.

Baba is the only person with whom I can discuss all my problems and worries and I know he is always there to guide me and suggest to be the best decision I should take by considering the situation. Dads are the core members f any family and they have to behave like that too but it literally doesn't mean that they have to be strict.


Another reason to love him the most is his open-mindedness and giving space to her daughters. I don't belong to a very upper-class family but my father has never imposed his decisions over us. Instead, he has always suggested to us and listened to us too. A person who respects your perspective.

To daughters, fathers are the first male person to whom they trust, and trust me I have seen some girls who hate men just because of the dark time they faced with their father. We have a very deep impact of people and their presence in our lives and because of them, we shape our personalities. Alhamdulillah, I am blessed that to me baba has always been a mentor and a guide.

Though it's a human psyche let me tell you all why I feel that there is no better person in my life than my father. From childhood, I had been very close to him. We are only two sisters and we have no brother. So in short we have never seen any other male relationship this closely. I have personally seen how many efforts and sacrifices baba has made for both of us and our happiness.

That tough job schedule, that other jobs to earn a living that he can fulfill all the desires of his daughters. I remember once my father went to Saudia Arabia and from there he bought two very cute dolls. It was a soft toy and quite expensive. One of his friends asked why are you wasting money on buying these useless toys and he very politely replied with a smile on his face maybe it's useless for you but after giving this to my daughters the smile on their faces will be priceless all for me.

Baba has one good thing that is he spent all his time at home, like after coming from his job he used to go nowhere and stay with us. So we used to tell him all day story. We played different games make videos and watch TV together. That means it's all family time and this is one of the other things I have learned from him is to prioritize your family first over all other things.

A father is a perfect example of love and courage for a daughter. My father is my powerhouse and my entire support system. He has always shown his trust in me and supported me in all my decisions.

Lots of love to you BABA <3


I am inviting @naddiyaatif , @umme.hani and @cocomuff

Signing off, Aniqa Mashkoor

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Thank you for inviting me
Invitation accepted.

In your post, you have described that your father is the most important person in your life.
Every father is a role model or an idle person to his daughter. He is the only one we can feel safe around.

Your father is your inspiration. May he live a long and healthy life.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post.

Your father is your inspiration. May he live a long and healthy life.

Indeed and I am proud of the fact that I have learn a lot from him and set him as an example. Aameen :)

Thank you so much for inviting me I am definitely taking participate in this contest.
And I just love your post. ❤

Mashallah may allah always keep your father and your bond strong.
Amdci really appreciate your invite im going to write on it

may allah always keep your father and your bond strong.

Aameen :)

Mashaa Allah. May Allah always bless you and your family.
A father-daughter bond is something every daughter is proud of. And even fathers listen more to their daughters than their son I believe hehe

I believe we daughters love our parents unconditionally and the fact that we have to leave them one day after getting married, saddens me the most.

He really is the one who won't scold us on our mistakes when done for the first time and tell us the right way to live the life. He listens to each and every problem of ours and solves it with untiring efforts.

Stay blessed. You really portraited the love bond of yours with your father in words. Extremely tough to do and you have done complete justice to that.

Best of luck.

Exactly daughters are more close to their fathers :)

the fact that we have to leave them one day after getting married,

The saddest reality that makes my heart sink. I am so attached to them and even when I just imagine it I can't handle :(

Father is real strength of daughter, its pleased to know he gave space to you, offcourse your love is also deep, as you have only sisters, you are grown up like son. He has such a good nature that spend time with family after office, its good to know. i guess he is your best friend too as you discuss all your matter with him. May Allah blessed him with long healthy life ameen.

Yes alhamdulillah for me my father is a source of strength and a best friend too. No matter whenever he comes back from where ever, after returning home he asked about me and keeps a check if I am doing well or not.

JazakAllah for your kind words Aameen :)

Father is biggest blessing of life.In our religion Islam Allah gave so much importance to father.. If paradise is under the feet of mother then father has key of that paradise.
Your father daughter duo is Ma Shaa Allah so beautiful.
May Allah SWT make your bond stronger day by day and May Allah bestowed him with the best if health. Ameen

Mashaa Allah great example.
Jazakillah for such kind words. Please remember us in your prayers and i will do the same for you all.

Your father is very nice person.
May Allah bless him with good health ameen.
Best of luck for the contest

Aameen :)

Well I don't know why I usually don't trust so easily in men but I have an adorable father that loves me a lot too. Of course he's my real first love for sure. There's always that especial relationship between a dad and his daughter, like in this beautiful movie The Little Princess, I don't know if you watched before. It's just a great story. Regards from my part and have a good look on contests. Cheers. #venezuela #affable

Fathers are the first man that every daughter trusts blindly. And for so many reasons, fathers are the biggest blessing and biggest strength of every daughter. I loved your bond with your Father, MA.
I have always seen some kind of resistance and boundaries in father's behaviour. But the truth is, fathers love us unconditionally, they only hesitate to show their emotions and never feel easy in opening their heart out. Fathers show their love by sweet little gestures, as you mentioned the doll story from KSA ❤️
I pray that your bond with your father gets stronger day by day and may he live long, healthy, successful life ahead. Ameen.
Really loved reading about you and your father's relation❤️
Best of luck for the contest!

MashaaAllah ♥️
May your father Live a long Life Ameen. And I agree the bond of father daughter is unbreakable no body can break it.

To daughters, fathers are the first male person to whom they trust.

Yes this is also a very beautiful and safest trust I ever feel. I also Have such connection with my Baba. 💟

The bond between the father and daughter is the most beautiful one. I believe every daughter has a special kind of attachment with her father and this love is unconditional.

May Allah bless our parents with health and long life.

I knew you would write about your father. I think I got the idea from some of your previous posts. You have always written very high of him. May Allah bless him with the best of everything. (:

Thank you for taking part in the contest. Don't forget to interact with other participants. (:

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