Top 3 Club5050 Picks of the Day Verifying from 29th October to 29th November with

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Greetings to all and sundry!

It's @nattybongo again with you today and we are here once again to present to you our top 3 post of the day. We are doing this to encourage members to build power via #club5050, #club75 and #club100 initiative. The selection is also to motivate members to share quality content.


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"My support for the club5050 initiative remains unwavering and i am dedicated to ensuring that atleast 50% of every thing that comes into my wallet goes to my vesting shares to help me grow on the blockchain through the buildup of steem power and also help me contribute to our community and the steem ecosystem."




"Hello Greetings!!! Brothers, sisters, family and fellow steemians. #Club5050 as we all know has influenced our activities on the blockchain and the question that sometimes appear to us is, how can we make it for #club5050 calculations."



"I have a Total of 3000 Steem Power. Yes I am happy because Soon I will Achieved My 5000 Steem power Aim by the help of God. I come to Steemit in April 2021 and in the Short period of time I have 1000 Steem power which was my own and 2000 will be Delegated."


Honorable Mention


Dislcaimer: "Top 3 picks does not guarantee you steemcurator vote or booming however it greatly increase your chances of good curation. Also note that we are considering users who are making effort in consistently powering up towards the #club5050 initiative."

We are happy to see more Steemians powering up and writing good content posts for more attention of curators.

Thanks for your attention!

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congrats to all the selected post,,,hoping they get sometthing from their nomination

@tipu curate

Congratulations to all top posts keep it up all dear.
God bless you.

Your beloved: @arslanaj

Great selection! Thanks so much.

congrats to our pick of the day

Congrat to all selected posts.

Thank you for selecting my post. I am so honored. Congratulations to the rest also.

Congratulations to all the selected authors

Congrats to all for selecting in top 5 posts

Congratulations to all selected post

Congratulations to all selected post