STEEM CONTEST: Tell Us How Club5050, Club75 & Club100 Has Impacted Your Life

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Greetings All!

Steem-Ghana is here again with another interesting and motivational contest. We hope many of you are enjoying the famous, great and trending initiative now with much freedoms. That's #Club5050, Club75 and #Club100 support powered by @steemitblog. From your notice, this is good initiative which is going to replace Community Support for the month initiative and through this, many members in various Communities are going to be supported in as much as many Steemians participate.

#Club5050 is very young, fresh and new initiative, it's almost two months now. But, we can testify that many Steemians who participate are getting support of upvotes. Imagine the freedoms we live with this initiative if we participate for a year. Many Newbies would become Minnows, Minnows would become Dolphins, Dolphins would become Orcas and Orcas becoming Whales.

What we expect from this contest....

" We want you to tell us how Club5050, Club75 & Club100 Has Impacted Your Life."

Contest Rules

• We are not giving a limited number of points to write, but try to write into details. At least 350 words would be appreciated.

• Try to be creative and the use of appropriate markdowns, content clarity of expression.

• No plagiarism would be tolerated. In case you images, text relevant to support your which you don't own them, please try to cite the source.

• The Contest can be any language

• The contest should be posted through Steem Ghana Community.

• Use the tags #ghcontest and #club5050-impact among the first 5 tags for us to be able to verify your work.

• The contest ends 30th November 2021.

Prize Pool:

Ist Prize - 10 STEEM

2ns Prize- 8 STEEM

3rd Prize- 6 STEEM

4th Prize- 4 STEEM

We thank all the Steemit Teams for your continuous support and encouragement.

This Contest is organised by @oppongk, CR for Ghana.

Thanks for your attention!

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I am sure participating in this contest..... Expect my entry soon...

I would be pleased to see & read your entry.

Thanks for coming round!

This is sure going to be not going to miss it


An extraordinary contest for us all to participate in. Thanks to the leaders for bringing up this great contest.

An extra ordinary contest which will surely help some people talk about what they have gained from this initiative. I think i have to participate to talk about my experience too.

Nice contest. Hoping to start with this as my first contest.

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My entry for the above contest.

Such a very great contest i am participate this contest coming soon.

My pleasure 😃 and you would be welcome!

No Need Sir. Keep smile and i need your support. Thanks a lot very much Sir.
Plz Label for me #club5050 this #Steem-ghana Community i am also eligible for club5050.
Again thanks your Coperation Sir.

Inshallah i Delegate cooming soon delegate to SP for collecteing after reward.
And more power up the Steem.


Wow am writing right away