Contest, Contest, Contest ! : We Want Know The Key Ingredients One Has To Add To His Post So That It Would Get #Club5050 Support From Curators

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Greetings Steemit funs!, Club5050 supporters and all Steem Ghana Contests supporters! Once again, we are back with interesting contest for you.

Now that the community of the month would not be running for December, the support of the curators would be focused on two keys things:

1• Support for #club5050 #club75 #club100

2• Writing good quality posts.

In this contest we want know the key ingredients one has to add to his post so that it would be supported by the curators•


Contest Rules

√ The contest is opened to all Countries and all languages. Whether you are spanish or Chinese

√ Give at least three (3) ingredients one has to add to his post apart from support club5050, club75 or Club100.

√ All contest entries must be shared through Steem Ghana Community.

√ No plagiarism would be tolerated. In case pictures or text are copied, please cite the original source.

√ Be creative in writing in order to be among the winners.

√ Use #ghcontest and #club5050-ingredients among the first 5 tags.

The contest ends 9th December 2021 11:59 GMT after which the winners would be announced.

Prize Pool:

Ist Prize - 10 STEEM

2ns Prize- 8 STEEM

3rd Prize- 6 STEEM

4th Prize- 4 STEEM

This Contest is organised by @kookd and edited by @oppongk.

Thanks for your attention!

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Thanks very much for your entry

Thank you very much for your entry
Good luck

Thank you

Thank you very much for your entry
Wish you good luck

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My entry is loading

@steem-ghana and @oppongk here is my contest link.
Contest Link

This is sure going to be very interesting!!

Beautiful contest, i will sure share my opinion.

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Hello ,
How to join #club5050
Thanks you

Thank you for your entry.
Wish you Good luck