Contest!, Contest!, Contest!! Nominate Any Three Of Your Post That Needed Attention But Couldn't Meet Them This Year And Tell Us why You Think They were So Important

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Special contest available for all steemians.

The greatest disappointment in steem-life is when your post doesn't meet the desired attention. It turns you down and without care, you can't post back such quality content again.

Are you a victim to that?

I believe we have a lot of steemians here who share similar plight.



  • Nominate three of your posts that you think needed huge attention from fellow steemians throughout 2021 but couldn't reach your desired attention. Let us know why u think it was important and draw our attention to its details

  • Copy links of at least three of your posts and let us know why u think they were potent or tenable enough for steemians to have visited them.


Is it not amazing?
@steem-ghana is helping steemians to revive their lost post in this Contest. Bring it on steemians.



  • Every participant should resteem the post.

  • Every entry link should be submitted in the post comment box.

  • Tags should include: #steemexclusive #ghcontest #steem-ghana and any other tag.

  • Contestants can use #club5050 only if they qualify for it's calculation.

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited !!!

  • At least 250 words is required.

  • Entries halt immediately this post expires.






  • Credit will be given to clarity and orderly presentation of ideas._

  • Impactive post will receive Christmas bonuses for their efforts ._


This contest was authored by @juzkid and edited and posted by @oppongk

Thank you for your time and attention.


Let us begin now...🔥

Merry Christmas🎊🎊🎊🎉

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@airlikem your link can't be opened. Can you post the link again

Please which of the links

When u hit on the link your post doesn't open. Try to open the link

Ooh ok thanks please I have fixed the problem the link can work now

My entry:

I will gladly read the entries of others and if I will like any of the mentioned posts, I will upvote with 100% upvote the newest publication of the author instead.

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem


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nice contest, but my candid suggestion will have to do with, lets make it a post that have not expired at least we can bring it up for votes

@awuahbenjamin we do want to see the post again,any three post you had in 2021. We want to learn something from them ,support and appreciate them with this contest entry. Thank you

Nice contest, I will surely participate in this contest.

Great contest with amazing prizes. End of year contest. Will be very fun. Looking forward to visiting those amazing post that we lost during the year. Wish you all the very best.

I will call this contest a "Unique consideration". It's usually painful when an important post is made and yet not visited.

Thank you for bringing this up.

Question please, must the post be the one that was made on this community or from any other community?

Just bring them on

Okay, thank you.

I've been waiting for this opportunity. I really love this contest and I can't wait to drop my entry immediately

Wooow, what a great contest.

Nice contest, but I have a question, will the three post be the one made in @steem-Ghana or in any other community

Bring it on. We are interested in the content how educative it was and the Impact you wanted to achieve. Let us see it again, learn something and support you in that @beautybb

I can't participate if I'm not from Ghana?

You can

Saludos amigos y equipo de @steem-ghana me parece que es genial está iniciativa, siento que revive las esperanzas de los post que no fueron votados por falta de tiempo por parte de los administradores de las comunidades. Ya hago mi entrada. Gracias por esta gran oportunidad.

Wow, what a great contest 🥰🥰.. May Allah help this community

Wow! I love this contest! Its really amazing