A mass more steem power by Joining #club5050. πŸ’ͺ

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Hello steemians, trust we are doing good.

I'm glad to formally announce to you regarding the newest update on steemit, #club5050.


#Clube5050 could be a fresh launch project within the steemit communities with the aim of urging steemians to powerup five hundredth of every of their token reward payouts together with SBD.
The project is absolutely serving to matters in terms of saving up Steempower, it encourage steemit users to powerup their steem token in different to accumulate Steempower.

Benifit of club5050

It helps build Steempower quicker

It encourages savings instead of cashing out

Steempower if accumulated, in no distance time it'll cut back work for curators for it'll modify growing communities to surport themselves with their accumulated Steempower despite however very little it's going to seem to be.

I have be part of the club5050 and I actually have started by powering up πŸ’― of any post payout despite very little it is.
To show example everyother post is 100 percent powerup.


I urge everybody to try to thus for a stronger future with Steemit and steem.

This will bring an excellent prove in the blockchain thereby serving to steemians to avoid wasting a part of their earnings in different to accumulate Steempower.

Saving up Steempower can facilitate all grow together, it'll cut back work for curator's, it'll offer one sense of happiness, it'll modify you to earn a lot of and it'll additionally modify noncurators to surport their new recruits and by thus doing it'll encourage them to remain focus finally powering up have a positive impact within the prize of steem token.

Thank for your time.. come on #club5050 πŸ’ͺ

This post was Authored by @kubati and edited by @oppongk.

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I love powerups and #club5050😁😁

Power up is jey. Let's keep enjoying it