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Greetings everyone
Happy Sunday, I hope by God's grace we all are doing well, Today I would like to share awful details about myself and why I love myself.


My name is Samuel Ahaga, But most of my friends use to call me shylock in school days, I was born in the eastern region but currently leaving in kasoa. Am not an SHS graduate and looking forward to continuing my education soon. There are this powerful word people usually used LOVE YOURSELF. The word is very deep but a lot of people don’t see that. In this world everyone was created differently, Some were created to be fair, Dark, Intelligent, Slow, Rich, Poor, Cripple, Blind, Deaf, dumb, etc. And you can’t blame or question God since he knows what is good for everyone. So as everyone grows up they always wished to be like someone more beautiful, Brilliant and rich family. So people comparing their life with others started long ago not now. I was also a victim of such I was always wished to be one of my friends he was very brilliant and from a rich family. This was always slowing me because it always makes me sad that why God didn’t create me like my friend and also this was separating my bond with God. So I one decided to be alone and think about myself and I was able to that I must love myself and appreciate God for everything he is doing in my life, Since other people wish to be in my condition so I must be grateful to God he knows best for everyone. Others were created disabled and am not part of such a situation so why won’t I adore myself because These disabled people would always want to be In my condition.


So never compare yourself with anymore, just be focused on your goals and with God, you shall overcome everything just believe and trust in God. These things made me who I am today. I don’t compare myself with others I will just be in my lane doing what makes me happy but not others. So we all must learn to learn ourselves but not to cherish or be greedy about other people's lives, You might not know what he or she is going through with everything they have so just been yourself and love yourself.

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