The Diary Game (28/11/2021) Better Life With Steem: At My Sister’s Wedding

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Hello everyone here!!!


It is a great pleasure for me to share with you my experience at my Junior sister’s wedding at Tamale. The wedding was on the 28th November, 2021, located at Kobilimahagu, Tamale.

On Friday 26th November, 2021 I woke up in a good health condition and mentally sound, I woke up around 4:45am and observed my Fajr prayer and went back to bed to sleep till 7:00am. After I woke up, I went to brush my teeth and after that, I went on to clean my fathers storeroom and prepare his bike for ride.

When it was 10:00am, I went on and took my bath and after that I pay a visit to my friend till when it was 12:30pm we went to the mosque for Jummah prayer. After the prayer, we went in to observe our launch and later came back home to have some siesta till 3:00pm. After the siesta, I prepare myself and luggage to embark my journey to Tamale for my Sister’s wedding.

I arrived safely in Tamale at 6:15pm and I called a friend to pick me up at the bus stop and we move straight to his house which is closer to the wedding grounds. On 27th November, 2021 family and friends gathered and there was a musical interludes with dancing moves by the bride and his friends and other family members. Food and snacks was shared among family and friends at the ceremony and it was so awesome.

Pictures With Family







On Sunday 28th November, 2021, the D-Day of the wedding, the groom was happen to be in abroad and was represented by his family, the sermon took off at the area masjid and after that they came together to have some funs, share foods, snacks and a lot of dancing moves was showed at the ceremony.









Pictures was taken, bride, family and friends were all happy about the special day.


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Beautiful bride

Thank You buddy !

Hi buddy, I suggest you limit your pics to at most 6 or 7 to improve readability.

But overall, you did a good job. Lovely bride.

Thank you for reviewing my work, I will do well as it is expected! Thank you again @njaywan