How steem has improved my life by @salifimohammed.

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I greet my colleague steemians in the @steem-ghana community and the blockchain as whole , I hope we are all doing well.It is a pleasure to share this lovely story with you on how steem has improve my life as an individual here on steemit.
It's yet another blessed week with an interesting contest put up by our country reps of @steem-ghana,most especially @njaywan,@nattybongo and @oppongk,for giving each member the opportunity to bring out our ideas on how steem improve our life the most in the blockchain.

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Steem has improved a lot of people's lives to me,it helps some steemians to settle their school fees, financial status, and research. I have also gotten part of those improvement steem had bring to me.

Steem I believe has improved a lot of people's life, looking at how some people are sharing about their success in the blockchain made me believe it has improved people a lot.

Steem help improve my life in many ways,I use to do proof reading when I see articles or posts,I was not having the time to do proper reading. I was very lazy in terms of reading even when a post is about 50 words or sometimes even less. But I thank steem for bringing me back my appetite for reading. Now I can even read posts or content having more than 500 words and even more without getting tired.

Steem has also helped me through financial crisis some time ago. It gets to some point where I even needed money to buy handouts and for my pocket. I was out of cash,that was even the time I joined steem back at September last year. My friend introduced it to me that time. I was very eager to start posting. I did some posts in that month,I earn about 25 steem in my account,so I quickly withdraw it,it was about Gh¢104. I was very happy that day. I managed to buy 2 handouts and I was left with some change,which I use for the week.

With the above reasons, I say steem has improved my life. Thank you for reading my submission.

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All the best in the contest.

Thank you

I appreciate you for sharing your story with us. Indeed steem has improved lives and in still improving lives all over the glob

Nice sharing. Steem has done so good. I wish you success, I wish you well.


I am happy to see that steemit has done a whole lot for you in terms of your financial life. All the best and keep up the good work

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