The Diarygame - Jumma Friday || (24/06/2022)

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Hello Everyone…!!!


It’s Friday, a special day for Muslims and also a special day of the week. This day seems to be the shortest among all the days of the week as time runs like there is a better tomorrow.

It seems like I have been repeating my daily routine, from my usual morning activities of freshing up, taking breakfast and exercise to open the day. I started editing cover page for one of my assignments with power point.


It was some few hours to Jumma and I was boring so help myself with series on my laptop. The series was getting interesting but it was almost time for prayers. I got up and iron my staffs and step out for the congregational prayers. The sermon was about the coming Islamic festival and the preparations towards it.


The mosque 🕌 is for my community central hospital and so after the prayers I went to the canteen of the hospital to get some fufu. I headed home quickly as it was too sunny 🌞. I finished my fufu and continued with my movie.


I watched the movie for awhile and took a bike to the washing base for washing. I sat there for awhile and paid them off before taking my bike home.


At evening, I went to the gym center for some workout 🏋️‍♀️. It was sunny and I didn’t find it easy, I was dehydrating and so I have pause and go for water. Few minutes later, the clouds were gathering and so I headed to avoid beating by the rain.

The rain finally came and I took my bath after rushing home from the gym. I wasn’t hungry and so I stayed all night watching movies 🍿.

Thanks For Your Attention

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I hope you had a happy Jumma? Thanks for sharing your day with us bro

You’re welcome buddy.

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Thank you very much for sharing your day with the house, keep it up.

It is good to at least work out to gain the muscle and strength needed.

I however find it difficult to do so, how I wish I was close for you to help me out. Anyway thanks bro.