Contest: My Favourite Moments on The Blockchain

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Seasons greetings to everyone on Steemit and the steem-ghana community. This will be my first submission to the steem Ghana contest. I am grateful for the community's support, and I would like to share my favorite or good as well as bad moments on Steemit.

I was introduced to Steemit 8 months ago, at a time when I knew nothing about it or what it stood for. I can't count the number of times my Steemit mentor @collinz has educated me about the platform. This was all done to help me get acquainted with Steemit so that I can contribute business-related stuff here. Many things never made sense to me, so I had to discover and grasp some of the things I now know for myself.

It was difficult to believe that Steemit could genuinely pay users for using the platform. With the help of my mentor I was able to post my introductory post and other contents related to my business and it was amazing to see how some of my contents were featured in steem news announcing my business presence on Steemit. This, I believe, was the best moments for me and my business as it gave it a boost in terms of publicity.


The times I recall being bad moments were when, despite the publicity, I was still unable to receive any orders. I expected to receive more orders, but when I didn't, it made me wonder if Steemit was the ideal location to channel any business stuff.

Though I did not receive any orders as I had hoped, the incentive I earned for sharing my business contents was motivating enough for me to continue sharing and writing on Steemit. Steemit has always been fantastic for me, and none of the other social media networks I've used can compare to it.

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great, We are glad you never gave up and still doing your very best on steemit